Sell old items and junk

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    noob question :p

    how the heck do I sell my old junk like old weapons and other stuff because I thought it was drag and drop onto the vendors item menu but nothing is happening and my inventory is getting pretty full..
  2. anubis4567 Founder

    There's a trashbin you can use to get rid of junk items.

    I've never sold anything to a vendor so IDK about that, but you can press alt+M to open the player marketplace.
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    You can't sell junk at this point, only trash it.
  4. zeuseason Unbroken

    Or you may be selling items but they are only worth 1 crystite.
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    We need some better prices on items you sell at a vendor. 1cy is sad.
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    T1 items and above can be sold at vendors for 1 CY per, that needs to go up and stock gear needs sellable also for something. That or make an option to only pickup a set tier lvl in drops. With the new Inv cap at 100 this is already ridiculous issue as i have over 300 items in inv, 200 in "overflow".
  7. Mr B Beta Vanguard

    The "inventory cap" isn't a cap, it's just a warning of a future cap, which, at this time hasn't even been decided on the amount of items for...
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    items my class cant use are crap, since you cant always put them on mp or trade them, like in any normal mmo
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    Find the stock vendors that sell the thumpers for crystite - sadly 1 item at a time but you get far more the 1CY seen up to 1000CY it is listed on the bottom of the item. Only works for items in your gear inventory section.
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  10. EccentricOne Titan Slayer

    I am goign to have to have a look for this vendor tonight
  11. MattxAus Apothecary

    dont sell your ****. hold onto it. later on when they release the REAL inventory cap, the patch will come with better inventory management and a re-processing/scrap processing function to deal with your broken guns, unwanted armours etcetc. Supposedly then you can re-purpose the components into remaking/making your own guns