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    noob question :p

    how the heck do I sell my old junk like old weapons and other stuff because I thought it was drag and drop onto the vendors item menu but nothing is happening and my inventory is getting pretty full..
  2. anubis4567 Founder

    There's a trashbin you can use to get rid of junk items.

    I've never sold anything to a vendor so IDK about that, but you can press alt+M to open the player marketplace.
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    You can't sell junk at this point, only trash it.
  4. zeuseason Unbroken

    Or you may be selling items but they are only worth 1 crystite.
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    We need some better prices on items you sell at a vendor. 1cy is sad.
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    T1 items and above can be sold at vendors for 1 CY per, that needs to go up and stock gear needs sellable also for something. That or make an option to only pickup a set tier lvl in drops. With the new Inv cap at 100 this is already ridiculous issue as i have over 300 items in inv, 200 in "overflow".
  7. Mr B Beta Vanguard

    The "inventory cap" isn't a cap, it's just a warning of a future cap, which, at this time hasn't even been decided on the amount of items for...
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    items my class cant use are crap, since you cant always put them on mp or trade them, like in any normal mmo
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    Find the stock vendors that sell the thumpers for crystite - sadly 1 item at a time but you get far more the 1CY seen up to 1000CY it is listed on the bottom of the item. Only works for items in your gear inventory section.
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  10. EccentricOne Titan Slayer

    I am goign to have to have a look for this vendor tonight
  11. MattxAus Apothecary

    dont sell your cupcake. hold onto it. later on when they release the REAL inventory cap, the patch will come with better inventory management and a re-processing/scrap processing function to deal with your broken guns, unwanted armours etcetc. Supposedly then you can re-purpose the components into remaking/making your own guns