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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by r5admin, Aug 31, 2016.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Our servers are back up running at full strength now, Sorry and Thank you all for being patient and understanding through this unexpected downtime.

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    This comes about 30 minutes after a regular user already posted they were able to connect....

    Thanks for the official post, please try to keep those of us still around informed a bit more promptly...
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    Jobs and events are not available in Sertao!
  4. DeadSkullzJr Spartan

    Steam no longer has the game in their store because people flipped out about the downtime..
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    it will back soon, maybe 2 days later... :(
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    I'll try to let someone take a look... Thank you !
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  7. Gordro Beta Commando

    Awesome boss
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  8. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    We just tried a Bane and the group got broken (people were in different instances)
    DoD worked ok...
  9. crazyjeremy Founder

    This is like a twilight zone episode.
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  10. Direwolf Apex Predator

    No, this is definitely the Outer Limits... server was bouncing me like a regulation basketball...
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    We know who you are red5admin your not a red5 thats for sure your english really sucks for posing as a red5 staff member we know you are someone from the9 branch the company that tired this cupcake fest into a WoW with guns this game is already going to crap anyways banning me would be just a mercy kill of playing this glory hell of a game infact can't even play it half the time with the streaming of terrain won't work with my bandwidth so i just fall through the terrain and bounce around in no terr ain anywhere at all but keep on saying this full strength ha all the red5 employee's got fired and left so how you going to fix up a game with no employee's for a studio.
  12. Metellus Marshmallow

    None of the "job board missions" in any of the maps (CF, Sertao, DT) work and it seems there are no "wandering encounters" spawning at all - furthermore, once you went to Coral Forest you can't get back to Sertao or Devil's Tusk - any attempt gets you directly into the login screen which will get you back to Copa in CF.

    EDIT: according to other players who were online when it happened, Sertao and DT simply went down without warning, kicking them into the login screen, and since then are unavailable.
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    Painful to watch as The9 torture corpse of Firefall game...
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    impossible de sortir de foret de corail

    i am stuck with coral forest
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  15. M2bandit Centurion

  16. crazyjeremy Founder


    We are all having the same problem. r5admin is reading the instruction manual now trying to figure out how to restart the zones.
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    :D :eek:
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  18. Puremiuu Beta Vanguard

    What it's really back online? FireFall used to be one of my favourite games ever. I mean even now in v1.7 I still have some good times playing it, even if it's only cos it reminds me of the times the game was more fun. It's the first MMO I've been invested in this much simply cos the gameplay style and lore it had was something different and interesting for me in comparison to other MMOs back in 2011.

    I was sure FF was offline for good it's no suprise with the state of the game nowadays, I mean it's been a dead / dying game for months now. (Or years if you think of v0.9 and before)
    Of course it would be nice if the servers would stay online for a while, since I'm not able to play Firefall now other than maybe once every weekend.

    Thanks for the fun times with the community and 4000+ hours of gameplay FireFall hope you don't go RIP soonTM!

    Oh nvm I ran out of hope for this game long time ago... :p
  19. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Nice of you to blame somebody who is (most likely) not at fault.
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    r5admin, thanks for trying to get things back online. Yes, there are problems and things should be smoother, but hey, at least someone is working on it - that´s a few magnitudes better than just doing nothing or complaining. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for firefall being resurrected.
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