Shacknews needs Firefall comments - Help Promote Firefall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grummz, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Posted as Zeppelin_Maniac. Can't wait to play Firefall...looks amazing.
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    I has posted comment. This fact alone shall bring Firefall to the height of notoriety. Mine alias be 'EvilDarkrai'. I can has poster now.
  3. Atavax Founder

    how big of a poster is this firefall poster? i got a hole thats roughly 26" by 48" that needs covering...
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    Although me has possibly played with/against you and your friend.
  5. Funami Founder


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    Duct tape solves everything.

    Case in point, my headset is 2/3 covered in duct tape and works like a champ.

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    Done! Posted under dxmckinley
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    left reply i don't need a poster i just wanna help out
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    Come one people we are almost on top the the hot news.
  10. Atavax Founder

    that reminds me... i was at this lan in a tf2 tourny and my team lost a round, and my teamate that was right next to me, ripped his headset right off his head and it split in half and he was frantically trying to get it back together again before the next round and i was loling, eventually duct tape fixed the issues.
  11. tecboy The Gun Show


    When I read this I heard Yoda's voice "No. There is another."
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  12. SixShot Apex Predator

    90 comments and growing, damn.
  13. Funami Founder

    Omg rofl
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    People want swag, of course they will post ^^
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    Oh we are taking the first spot on Hot News for sure :D
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    doin my duties and spreadin the love! Posted as, obviously, TheJoosh. Woulda been just Joosh, but it had to be more than 6 characters. Just had to specify with "The" that I am the tru Joosh lol.
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    Almost number 1 on the HOT news list!
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    We got this in the bag Grummz ;) You've got an awesome community of fans behind your team!
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    annnnd, 97 Comments thanks to me :D
    Hello first place :p
  20. SixShot Apex Predator

    Soon the other games will be an shadow of their former self.