Shacknews needs Firefall comments - Help Promote Firefall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grummz, Sep 11, 2011.

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    100 posts, hooray! Who do I carelessly pass my personal information to to get my delicious poster?
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  2. Atavax Founder

    hit 100 replies!
  3. Funami Founder


    also WOOT
  4. Atavax Founder

    just pm me with your name and address and when you will be away at work...
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    i bet if we break 150 comments Grummz would get the team to sign them :O

    kidding but that would be pretty sweet.
  6. Lusts Commander

    Posted a comment. Under the name "Lustie" :3
  7. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Posted under SouperiorGamer. OVER 100 COMMENTS!!!! Great job everyone! Keep it up!
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    We're number 1 boys and girls. Let's just make sure we stay number 1!
  9. TheJayde Commander

    Man, thier messag board is really terrible...
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    Count me in, just posted a comment under the same name (Nemisari)

    I'm happy to help FireFall get more publicity, a free poster is just gravy :)
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    Surely they must be suspicious about the massive influx of new accounts acclaiming firefall as the best xD
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    Were number one!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Atavax Founder

    well, even then they would be happy, because its new people seeing their site that may go to their site in the future now that the site had an article about the firefall game they are interested in.
  14. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Made it into the top spot!
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    lol tru that fira, but hey its gettin word to those that go to shacknews that firefall is a force to be reconed with!
  16. Funami Founder

    Excuse me for a moment while i go scream WAAAGH! out my front door.
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    Awesome...we are flash-mobbing Shacknews. :)
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    I bet they are shaking their heads right about now
    *damn hipster gamers!* :p
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    Promote an awesome game and snag a poster in the process? Who on these forums wouldn't do this?
  20. Funami Founder