Shacknews needs Firefall comments - Help Promote Firefall

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grummz, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. some one that is blind and deaf nah even then they would still do it.
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  2. TheJayde Commander

    They deserve it... That's what they did to Caiger mall... pack-a-cheaters!
    Yes I really hate them for it...
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  3. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Shacknews staff is probably going "DA FUDGE IS GOIN ON!"
  4. Always wanted to be a part of one of those .. dream fulfilled lol
  5. done
    so now do i get a beta key:eek:*starts whistling while looking up*
  6. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    I see what you did thar! Now you get nothing! :D
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  7. Funami Founder

    i can now take that off my to do list
  8. Only if you solve the secret message on poster ^^

  9. Me has posted under the name of MagicHamsta
  10. Done!
    Posted as dc228088
  11. Don't stop now...lets see how high we can go. :)
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  12. Souperior Holmgang Champion

  13. I responded as Zenthalas. Happy to help! :)
  14. Timarius Beta Vanguard

    We're like a forum of ninjas with bloodhound noses. We smell out an article, then appear suddenly to fill it with comments about how we can't wait for December.
  15. Responded as KamsterJas. This is quite fun. Hope they don't flag us. ha
    Perhaps we should also start replying to each others' threads to avoid suspicion.
  16. SixShot Apex Predator

    so far 120........lets try for 200 its a solid number and the thread about this just got open, by tomorrow more people will comment.
  17. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Hey grummz how long will this "poster" thing be going on for. You might wanna set a limit or youll be sending out A LOT of posters lol :D
  18. Atavax Founder

    its nearly 1am and i've had 5 beers, i think i have to call it a night...
  19. bring it on