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  1. Bfvmg Founder

    So, I understand that shard hopping is frowned upon, and one cannot complete this action. But is there a way to determine just WHAT shard one is on?

    However, I was just on, and I noticed that PURPLE bio-active compound just showed up on ONE FREAKING SHARD (shard #1342963963 if that means anything). The same thing happened to the Blue resources. They kept showing on one shard constantly for a few days, than FINALLY started popping on all shards. Now they are on all shards consistently.

    I want to be able to shard hop to follow the resources...
    or I want resources to renew more evenly. I stated in another post that High Q resources should renew more often and in more places, but in less concentrations than other lower Q resources.

    This resource BS is the one thing about FF that really gets me PO'd. It is NOT consistent, not even, and players that are on during the day get an advantage when the resources renew.
    It would be nice to be able to tell what shard you are on, so that when you team up with friends, you can tell if the shard you are on has anything good or just trash. That way you could join leader to the best resource shard. Make sense?
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  2. *Shaira* Headless

    They appear on every shard you don't know where to look or no one was thumping the old vanes so they couldn't be replaced with new ones.
    Because the way this works is when you thump out a resource vane it gets replaced and appears some were else on the server
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    I remember your other thread, and as far as I know we still don't have enough information for your closing argument to truly be validated. If you can link me to some post or blog or something where the devs explain how and when resources cycle, something that shows some sort of schedule, then yes it would appear people with free time close after the magic moment get a bit of an advantage. I still think that process is most likely a "X amount of time from spawning in or when all veins of a specific spawn are thumped dry." A static schedule just doesn't strike me as something that would get built into the game when they are pushing for so much dynamic interaction with the players and the environment.

    Though I do agree it would be nice if we could see what shard we are on. I half expect someone is going to pop up and mention that there is a console command that does that...
  4. *Shaira* Headless

    The enhanced Frends list addon gives you a shard IP so you can distinguish between shards.
  5. Bfvmg Founder

    That's kinda what I thought at first....however,
    But now, about 30 minutes after my original post, the purple has appeared in 5+ shards. However, when you do some looking thru scanhammer, you see that scans increase exponentially in just about every shard, but it STILL hasn't shown in all those shards. And 3 of the shards where purple has shown, the scan rate did not go up at all. Interesting, to me.

    I know this is beta, and things may change. I am pointing out what I see as a problem, and trying to figure out if it is an issue or not. For me, right now, it is an issue.
    I would love for someone to just say to me "Hey dumbass, that's not how it is how it works..." (hint hint devs) and point me on the right track.

    But for now, I am seeing uneven resources across the shards, and renewing not being equal across the time zones. The resources need to be equal across the server, not jsut the shards. and renew more often, I think.
    But I fully admit to not having the big picture, and needing someone to show it to me.

    My original post stands. Would be nice to be able to know what shard you are on, and to perhaps jump shards. That way, if resources DO populate across the server, you could join a shard that hasn't popped yet, and start scanning around to try to find the purple/blue. Or, you could work with a teammate to find them. Something.
    But if you log into a shard that already has someone thumping the High Q, and squad is full, right now your only option is to miss out, or get minimal resources for helping out. period.
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    Well do the math. reports that approximately 1100 people are using the addon across 19 shards. That averages to 58 (rounded up) people with the addon installed per shard. Then you get into the actual funny bits, like how there is literally no guarantee that number is anywhere near accurate at all. Then on top of that you have the fact that not all 1100 people are going to be online at any specific time. Then on top of that you have to account for the simple fact that these are people scanning areas using whatever rationale they feel like using, some people might like the beach while others stick around Thump Dump. But wait there's more! On top of that these people likely aren't communicating each and every scan result with each other so it is pretty much inevitable that people are going to scan the same areas.

    When you get down to it, there is a whole lot of conditional stuff going on that can appear to skew the scan results. To be perfectly clear I'm not saying definitively that the cycles are offset on different shards, in fact it seems likely that there probably will be leftover veins "blocking" the spawn of new ones based on what the players on that shard are thumping clear.
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  7. Dmorin Commander

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  8. Bfvmg Founder

    So, I read that thread.

    IO see whats happening. Also, there is talk about upgrading resources to be higher Quality., Being able to upgrade would clear up some of this clutter we all have, as well as making lower Q resources viable for thumping again.

    Would go a long way to clearing up this resource respawning issue I am having.
  9. Demigan Commander

    Do the math some more:
    Scanhammer shows an epic resource has appeared. People take notice and start scanning like crazy.

    What will happen? People stop thumping their resources, they want that epic resource. Since almost no veins are being emptied, the resource can barely spawn. The one or two nodes that ARE found, are more likely to be filled up with the other active resources then the epic.

    So your scanhammer base goes up exponentially, but since they stop thumping there will be less epic resource nodes available, which means that the more people join in, the less epic is found. Exactly what you describe.

    Yours sincerely,
  10. SdkSplatter Founder

    #10 ftw
  11. Virgil Imperial Artificer

    All servers give out the same sets of resources at the same times. There is only one source for that information, and all the servers use it. Any offset you're seeing is likely due to players not clearing out existing veins, and that can work to your detriment or advantage depending on what the next resource is.
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  12. CosmicD Mentor

    so is it like "eat everything on your plate before you get desert" thing ? Or do they eventually change after like 10 days or so ?
  13. Dmorin Commander

    so how do we get players too want too clear out existing veins is the question because no one will if there trash resources (unwanted resources)offer incentives to thump them?
    in return we get better rotation schedule?
  14. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    That's the main issue, if we can get players to want to clear out old resources to get the new ones than also adding a rotation of some kind that clears out very old nodes that have been around far too long would also help.
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    I have thumped that purple Bio vein dry yesterday night.

    First off, it was almost impossible to find. The middle was almost inside the melding.
    Then, it was a 75% vein, and the biggest thumper we were ever able to get to 100% was the stock squad thumper, and that was with 10 people helping.

    So, if you dont find it on any given server, it may also be because it is in a very bad location that you wouldnt even consider to thump in. We found it only because we are crazy, we werent even looking for it.
  16. CosmicD Mentor

    I wonder if there even is something as an orange resource ? Or is that only the number 1000 ? Highest I have is 997 and it's purple.
  17. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    Well, anythign over 950 use to be orange at one point in time. If I remember right.
  18. HOPEnSPIRIT Founder

    I cant imagine them testing the Legendary resources during beta as Legendary is meant to be hard to get.
  19. CosmicD Mentor

    hmm, so if they're not doing legendary testing, how could we get a feel for the rarity ? Is it maybe over 1000?
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