Shared loot must be introduced into the game asap

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    Loot we pick up in groups should be shared by default, or at least have the option of setting it as such when forming a group.

    The way it is now, is just unfair because in a group people will get different amounts of loot, some will get very little, while others will get more than their fair share.

    Recons do best when they set up a long range position and snipe from a safe distance, which means that if they want any loot they are either forced to come down from whatever position they were in to get loot every time they get kills (that is if others in the group didn't already get the loot), or be forced to use some shorter ranged weapon like a shotgun. What is the point of being a long ranged sniping class if we have to play with short range weapons? might as well switch to assault in that case....especially since recons have the lowest hp.

    The game has different classes, therefore the game should allow for each class to take advantage of their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Recons cannot do that if they can't use their range advantage when they are being forced to go short range to pick up loot.
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    Loot system in party is unfair (played as assault, dread, engi).
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    Wouldn't mind a loot system like Torchlight 2, where everyone gets to see / pick their own drops only.

    OR the old Tabula Rasa system, where you automatically get the items in your inventory as soon as you kill the mob.
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    either teleported into inventrory or split between 5 members would be good

    i'm forever running out of ammo. if anyone squaded picks up ammo we should all get a cut.
    health not so much, thats what biotechs and regen are for. if someone needs health they need all of it

    but resources and ammo yes split by squad size. if there is less resource than players in a squad then give everyone 1 item each
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    Im in favor of having resources dropped of mobs that damn this is confuseing, leme just give an example.

    I kill a chosen assault, the resources dropped off said assault automatically go to by resource pool. This idea will work perfect for now untill other things besides lot start dropping.

    Assist wont yield any resources only xp.

    Thats my opinion.
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    Ammo and Health should not be split. It has no sense. You need it, then you go and pick one, here is another problem and usually you get more than really needed if them are together. And actually are free for all even if not in the party. I'm ok with this.

    But at least the resources should be shared between all the people on the party.

    Or at least Crystite which is the game currency. Is like taking money / gold in any other game. Always is shared.
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    As stated earlier, HP and Ammo shouldn't be shared, but I 100% agree that resources picked up should be shared by everyone. With big chunks of materials dropping it's rather frustrating for a Recon or someone who has to turn their attention to something else to lose a good chunk of resources to that guy who isn't helping and just running around picking it all up.

    I really can't see a downside to having it be shared.
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    jea share resources :D
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    100% agree that loot should be split between the group, there is honestly no reason it shouldn't be and the current system only encourages people to run around hoarding loot for themselves instead of helping the group accomplish what they are out to do.
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    Certainly. +1 here.
    Shared Loot CHOICE for groups (maybe the default setting?), and please make it part of the Open World patch.

    Recon's get the figurative shaft quite often in my groups. We sometimes gain more resources from the combat near the thumper than from the extraction caused by the thumper itself. Test yourself. Mark your numbers down on paper, thump, then see what you have after a full thump. A "Good squad" would share the loot among all it's members, not force each member to take what they want during the firefight.

    Trying to keep with the Firefall Mythos, shared loot (not ammo / health) makes a great deal of sense. A pick-up team may or may not share the total loot from a thumper. If you have to randomize non- even numbers of crystite hybrids, no big deal. I can handle the random number generator handing me only 1-2 every once in a while while my buddies are getting 2-3.
  11. Dratikus Founder

    Hmm.. I wonder if this is why people don't respond to my squad invites.. maybe they want the loot for themselves..?

    I also think they need to fix the health pack/ammo pack drops. They seem to be free to anyone even when not in a squad, so players take them even if they don't really need them. A player out of ammo, or almost dead should get priority. Not sure how they could code that though...
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    I agree. The loot system in this game favors up close and personal fighters and penalizes long distance ones. If it's possible to prioritize low health/ammo players, that would be great too.
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  13. Jhollman Founder

    I like the ninja style!!, im a TigerClaw so noone beats me at picking loot xD.
  14. Steel Fire Commander

    I agree on shared loot and I'm sure we'll get it at some point.

    As for ammo and health, I'm good with those still being a complete free for all, in squad and out. What needs to be coded in though, and has been suggested several times, is that you have to be a certain amount below max before you can pick it up. So, say you have 1200 base HP and you've taken some damage and you're at 1110 (-90 HP), you shouldn't be able to pick up a 250HP small health pack, let alone anything bigger. I would say you have to be down at least 2/3rds of what the pack is worth, whether that be HP or ammo before you can pick it up. Maybe there's some flexibility in that number for the bigger packs. Being able to pick up packs simply because your one round or 1 hp below max is a waste of resources and detrimental to the squad.
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    I see no problem with that you are not full you can take it. The problem is when you have 1190HP and you get 2 or 3 health packs because them are closer to you or in your path. The refill of the HP should be faster. In that way the system should not be able to take more than one.
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    a lot of people want loot to be split but not ammo? ammo's the only one i care about. it's easy for all you dreads to say go and get it but having watched a dread kill things point blank and get 5 ammo drops thrown into them while i'm on 0/0...that drives me angry. i'm forever having to use ammo calldowns. and i'm an assualt who is perfactly capable opf ninja'ing loots...except the lag means i cant pick it up.

    the recons really dont need to be pulled from their position for ammo constantly. why not use squad pickups? a small pack is 50% ammo. in a 5 man its 10% each, a full pack would be 20% each.

    health is per player basis because if you need health, YOU need health. ammo is something everyone is consistently draining it will never just sit on the ground. those pickups will collect to replace the one shot yuou spent killing the mob that dropped the ammo
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    What I thought, from a 'real' point of view of the game:

    Materials and Crystite. Sharing the loot is like after finishing the mission the soldiers split the treasure. For me it is ok if them are shared after each 5, 10 minutes or when the party disband... Whatever.
    Health and ammo. In the middle of the fight you can't split the health pack or the ammo clip. If a soldier of your squad pick 5 at the same time is a bad soldier and maybe he will make your squad wipe, because you die or you can't take down an enemy.

    As dread player you have to know when and when not pick up ammo or health. You have not to pick up more than you need and it is for all the classes.

    Anyway the game right now make you pick more clips or med kits than you really need. Maybe this is also because of the lag. But I guess this is because there is a small delay between picking it and applying to yourself.
  18. Dragomok Founder

    Hey, I've started a thread about the same topic (only four hours before you did, huh) at the Suggestions sub-forum. (Be sure to give your vote in the poll.)

    I've linked to your thread so we both have a slightly bigger presence, and I would ask you to do the same.

    I don't know about you, but I always end up in parties that have a very loose structure, with people randomly dropping in and out. Your suggestion seems to be climatic and fit Firefall's themes, but it also might create problems for ad-hoc groups, and you usually want to avoid that.

    Also, personally, I dislike the idea of implementing a system which trolls and greedy leaders can abuse. If one of the first four options I proposed in my thread's poll is implemented, then jerks would be unable to ruin everyone's moods, while nice people would still give "Nice job!" bonuses some other way, like via trading. (Trading should probably have a slightly higher priority than what we are talking about, by the way.)

    Yes, this is a problem, even when you're alone. This situations keeps happening during tornados: I'm out of ammunition, run over to a cluster of 3-5 ammo packs, suck up all of them and get only a 50% refill. People around me are dissatisfied, I'm dissatisfied, everyone thinks I am a jerk.