Sifted Earth - Keep it? Get rid of it?

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What do you want with sifted earth?

Keep it 196 vote(s) 63.4%
Get rid of it 113 vote(s) 36.6%
  1. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    Per Phobos on FFL today, they want to know how people feel about sifted earth.

    Should they remove it entirely?

    Do you like it?

    He did say, however, that they don't want people to turn into just dirt farmers. So they wouldn't be increasing the amount of goodies that come out of dirt.

    @ 1:05:35

    After thinking about it some, I think it should stay in the game as is. It makes total sense that if you've only found a 30% node then you're going to get a whole lot of dirt. Plus it's going to take a long time to refine because it's basically garbage. Essentially punishing the player if they drop thumpers on the first node they find or the "easy" stuff instead of finding the higher concentrations.

    If we removed it completely I think people would expect their 350 capactiy (or whatever) thumper to return that much resources. And if it didn't, then there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. And soon after I feel like vein concentrations wouldn't even matter. Every spot would be a 100% spot.

    I do think we should be given the option to just discard it, though. Instead of refining it.
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  2. Kryyss Storm Rider

    Since Sifted earth is utterly pointless there needs to be a use for it. Since the Botanical Gardens in New Eden are the only place that is now available to produce food for the remains of humanity don't you think they'd be in need of enriched soil for their crops? Maybe they produce accelerated growth plants but the drawback is that it drains the soil used of all nutrition so they need to constantly replace the dirt.

    What would the rewards be?

    Well, Accord merits would make sense. Or if you wanted to keep it as crafting related the Botanical Gardens may provide you with rare plant-themed components for crafting. It needs to have something rather than being nothing and frankly having it refined into small quantities of raw materials seems... well.. less than creative.

    (edit) But as an option between keeping it and getting rid of it. I'd get rid of it. Why would the Accord give you a 'cut' of sifted earth in the same way they give you a cut of the valuable materials.
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  3. Owlkin Commander

    I personally don't want it in the game at all. I feel like people want it to be something you want to get, and any resource rewards from refining it seems to promote that. Removing it, I would think, would promote people into trying to find the very best resources and quantity, always. Dirt thumping shouldn't be a thing.

    Sure, it makes the percentages make sense, but it seems to take away from the point of thumping: getting resources with risk and reward. Dirt often times isn't risky at all. There's times where you can thump without risk regardless of what's there, but that's a whole different story.
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    Works alright as rawr kitty litter; not much else use for it.
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    we should make this a vote..... it's kinda a yes or no thing.

    I vote no. get rid of it. Or at least let us destroy it in our inventory. I've tried to do it but it just poof's back in.
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    Get rid of it, it doesn't have an output worth refining for and it takes far too long. I have 350k sifted earth and it would take about 4 days to refine it.
  7. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    Give me one second to add a poll.

    Edit: Done.
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    hehe.. ty Capt Pants.
  9. SGTstone Arbiter

    put it in a jar?
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    make a land bridge all the way to the arclight.
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  11. Fooni Commander

    Please remove it. 1 day to refine 100k dirt just to get a
    few thousand crystites is not worth it.
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  12. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Its crap..get rid of it

    (give us candy instead)
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  13. DarkByke Founder

    I don't mind it, but they should at least randomize the resource veins around the world. You constantly find 34/34, or 50% and really that's about it. It makes resource collection painfully slow as it is.
    It makes sense logically to have dirt brought in with your raw resources.
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    At least reduce the freaking time to refine it, it doesn't take days to pan through dirt for gold, now does it?
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  15. anubis4567 Founder

    It would be hard to explain to people why they're only getting half of the thumper's capacity in resources without dirt.
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  16. forbisjunk Black Cats

    I like the idea of the accord shifting it for us. Why should we? They just need to give us the good stuff and they should be responsible to shift through it. Unless, it becomes important to craft something using it, you should just make it the accords problem.

    edit: If you do keep it, because it does make sense in a "real world" kind of way, you should make it so it yields mostly crap but, also a maybe a random good/great resource. Obviously, it would need to be like 1/200,000,000 chance but, it would be make.
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    I think should just get rid of it i would think the thumpers would filter out the dirt in the first place.
  18. drkRoss Commander

    There needs to be at least a use for the Sifted Earth and to make sure that the numbers add up to make the total capacity of the thumper and would be essential for testing out the capacities of new thumpers the devs might have planned. That way it makes testing a lot easier and the numbers match the Capacity stated in the calldown menu.

    I think in its current state, sifted earth is useless. I think there should be some sort of purpose, but I feel that it should never yield high quality resources at pre-0.6-patch. I do however feel that the Crystite amount should be multiplied by at least 10 to 20 times the current CY amount you already get plus a randomly generated resource at Grey or White quality. That way the Sifted Earth does something that is useful and that it can be used for crafting consumables and items needed to build things other than upgrades to help your battleframe.
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  19. punk Mentor

    Makes more sense to keep it. When you mine/drill into the ground, you get dirt. I know lots of stuff is magic on Earth now, but we've still got dirt.
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  20. drkRoss Commander

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