Recon Sniper OP even more than Assault

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    Yep. I remember the sniper from TF2, the most common way to take him out was to go sniper. So the whole game would be going on and then in some other part two or more snipers would be constantly going at it. So if you took out snipers from TF2 on some maps the gameplay would change 0%. Could the same be said about FF? Recon rarely go after the objective, Drednaught should be a better line breaker than rebolts, and killing people is what everyone does anyway, so what do recons do?

    Maybe Red 5 should take them in another direction rather than 'Pesky Sniper that kills other Pesky Snipers'.
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    Recons are very useful in TDM, usually getting something like 10-3, and that's not just killing the other sniper. However, in OCT I think that something should be done to make Recons more useful.

    Also, I think that if snipers were to be taken out of the game, the game would be much different. Devs have said that they plan to make the Recon require more skill than it does right now, but they aren't going to change the damage it hits.
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    Keep in mind I have not played the game yet but it say that snipers have less armor and i have seen some game play and the guns seem to be very good at hitting their target if maybe two people shot at the sniper they could kill or make him run to the ground. And if you are playing this then you should have played other shooter games. And you know how good a sniper is at distance so you get close just like you did in the other games. But in this game you have a better chance because in the others you have = health. And any class can take on a sniper you just have to be at the right range for that gun. But again i have not played the game just saw the game play if someone that has played the game knows something helpful please tell me
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    A sniper is not the only way to kill another sniper in games like battle field i have taken them out with a shot gun
  5. SixShot Apex Predator

    1600dmg headshots.


    My dread does from standard 55 with 3 green modules at rank 15 and blue spin up only 62 dmg per hit, 7 dmg more per bullet.

    Seems fair.
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    snipers arent over powered in a real life situation do you know how much training it takes to be able to hit something from 3 miles away? all why judging the pattern of the wind your position the drop of the bullet and hell how fast the target is moving and also most snipers always have someone with them to watch their backs so they dont get shot in the first place.
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    And how much of that applies to Firefall? Heres a hint, none. If anything what you just said is a very good exemplar of why recon is overpowered.
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    wait what if it has nothing to do with FF how does it show recon are OP?
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    Because they get the advantages of snipers, without any of the cost or many of the difficulties. They don't need to account for wind, they don't need extensave training, they dont have to deal with bullet drop, or need any one nearby to keep them alive when they can simply swap to smg or noscope.

    There is no opertunity cost to it.
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    Anyway i have never played this game and only seen Game-play on youtube seen alot of recons taken down by Assault, Dreads, and even medics
    like everyone has said the class is made to sniper(support fire) taking out heavy class or keeping opposing team at bay depending on the situation

    and there really shouldnt be any reason you as any other class cant get to a recons location you all have jet packs and alt weapons to use so make the best of what you
    and kick some bootay No matter the class >.<
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    well there is actually with out all that and in this game a dread medic compo, or a Assault medic combo can easily wipe the floor wit a recon
    even with out all that if most Recons stay in scope and assume there safe they signed there death right there kuz there field of view is tunneled now
    and easily taken down
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    Right there is the thing, recons don't stay in scope. I'm in the beta I have been there done that and taken the headshots.
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    well strafe work your surroundings and take them out no reason to nerf a class that is balanced to everyone but a few people even if you dont like the fact they can see you
    but you cant seem them

    and its like the same with every other Class some how there op or there not or this class is more op then that
    learn from it and beat it?
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    the issue isnt how easy sniping is, first off no other class requires you to cover a huge amount of ground in order to deal with them. the fact that snipers can be pin point accurate at extreme range gives them an insane advantage over every other class. also, unlike assult their bullets don't have a travel time. secondly the numbers are too extreme for them, the rilfe does far too much damage when compared to every other weapon. a head shot is a one shot kill for most classes and even if it isn't it only requires 3 shots to kill anyone. no other class has the ability to deal this much damage this quickly. the problem becomes even more clear when you consider that they have the highest dps with no drawbacks considering unlike dred or assult they dont require getting in range to do their extreme damage.

    the time between shots needs to be increased, the damage needs to be lowered and head shots shouldn't do more then 15% increased damage from a regular shot. (consider how much bitching the community would do if all headshots were treated the same as snipers)
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    one of the most annoying thing i found in snipers is their accuracy with a sniper rifle at close range, it's simply stupid how they can just do 300 damage per hit in front of your face with pin point accuracy.
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    Dreads have almost twice the dps of a sniper. Common assault rifle has more dps than sniper rifle. We get a lot of kills due to huge alpha, but if target survived the first hit, in half cases they will get away alive, survived the second - home free in 9 cases out of ten. And they do that a lot thanks to armour, speed and healback abilities.

    You all cry how snipers attack from huge distance, but forget the negative side of such ability - snipers are unable to pursue retreating or hiding target. And the maps have quite enough cover.

    Sniper in CQC is a lot weaker than any other class except, maybe engineers - unless he's using marksman rifle, which makes him a lot weaker in long range combat.

    Recon is all or nothing class. I wholeheartedly thank all the lemmings who forget caution and rush ahead with reckless abandon for your contribution to my exp and pvp scores.

    Now bitch more, please.
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    ^ good post, I play Recon, simply because I get board of running about and jumping, but having tried to snipe people. a little bit of advice, when rushing a sniper, do not move in a stright line for more than 5 seconds, or your dead, you have three dimensions to move in, use them, even stop and back track for half a second then Jet/afterburn forwards, that'll mess his aim up no end, hide behind cover and jet over it, fireing away with your secondery, even if you hit him only twice you'll give him pause for thaught. when playing PVE against anything, I'll settle down, make the shot, jet off, settle down, shoot again. now for the sniper vs sniper complaints, take two shots, move, two shots, move. never stay still, if you can put a bullet in the bastards head, do so, but if you miss, get the hell out of there or else they'll work out where you are and you'll end up deader than a dodo. as for res bolts I only use them for clusters, I have to thank for those people who cluster together, just point, spam res bolts, lots of kills, unless execution is needed. thats another flaw with the recon, its very hard to jump forward and execute your kill. yes, a head-shot is super strong, but getting a lump of mettal go through one ear and out the other at supersonic speeds is bound to hurt, if you lot want 'realism for a nerf' a head-shot is a instant kill and execute.
    if you get a sniper pissing you off, either swap to another recon, and put a bullet in to him, or get a medic asult to rush him with afterburners and over heal, he'll either run away (won't be shooting at you) or end up dead (no more recon for a bit) in most pvp I've seen most kills arn't from recon, even in PVE when I recon the main constitution of my kills is ahrana's and chosen, since you can put a bullet in a chosen's head and he'll pretty much die, and ahrana's are one shot kills, the bigger foes are killed by assults and other stronger classes, hell. my mate with a vampiric heal gun got more kills with me.
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    Glad to see some people know how to out match a recon and not simple complain about how OP it is wen its a sniper and accuracy is what its class is about makes no since to complain about damge by a head shot, or how they can hit you from afar. Complain about something that the class isnt supposed to have that will make your argument more of a way to change something or improve something and less of a rant on what some people dont like
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    Snipers in unorganised random pug games ARE overpowered. Meaning, if you get left alone and are allowed to pick your targets without pressure.

    But vs a team that knows how to play, they more balanced. Just played a OCT with Verden+Aluco and some other good snipers on my team and we got completely owned, because the other team just ran in and made the game close combat.
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    Very true I have seen that happen a few times. I have also seen snipers get taken down by lower lvl toons easy. Recons don't have the Hp or damage reduction like other classes so a few good shots can take one down. If your pinned down, or a sniper is giving you a problem have some one go recon and tell him where the sniper is. another thing people don't think of is use the sin to locate the enemy and take out the enemy one. This will give you a better chance to find and take a sniper out. Plus if you take theirs out you will have a better chance of not being pinned down.