Songs that pull on your heart Strings ((its like that movie one...))

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    So yeah Find some music that stirs emotion of any kind....Sad,Happy,Pride whatever!
    Two on the Top of my list


    Main Titles (Letters From Iwo Jima)
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    The Ballad of Booth from the Assassins soundtrack
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    Well not happy in the basic sense for me its more of a lighter state of depression induced by deviance. Actually, if you know anything about Watchmen. The Character Comedian. Thats what its like happy. "Me?, Bitter? cupcake no. I think its hilarious."
  7. serphilith Titan Slayer

    Krypteria - I just drown in your eyes

    This will touch you if you listen to the lyrics... :confused:

    EDIT: Also: Celldweller - CELL#3/Welcom to The End

    Also really deep :p
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    Here are a few of the first that come to mind for me.


    It's also from a great movie, if you like depressing, post-apocalyptic sorts of stuff.




    Shiny Happy People (that's an emotion, right? :rolleyes:):
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    no classical music? you people disappoint me

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    absolutely... classical music always gets me....

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    Vocal part sucks in my opinion. I have heard much more powerful performances.


    For contrast.

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    For hope and depression killing There's this
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    I love that channel with color bars for tones
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    I used to play cello in a quartet for weddings and such, and they always want Canon in D to be played, and for the cello it becomes a nightmare, as illustrated by this guy:

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    I tear up a lot every time I hear this. They played this at my uncles funeral.
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    Song brings up tears for me pretty much every time I watch it. It's also an issue that's near and dear to my heart.
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    вряд ли они уловили юмор )