Special community event! You get to smash R5's own Tony, AKA "ThaCheez" in an LGV Destruction Derby!

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    The event has concluded, thanks to everybody that attended and congratulations on Tuoweit for the win, and Foxx for second place! Here is the video of the event, and here is the breakdown of points:

    Tuoweit - 5
    Foxx - 4
    Lamina - 2
    Nozama - 2
    NeoShadow - 1
    Gabbs - 1
    Cassienda - 1

    (Tony being ThaCheez, Sara being Zhivas)

    Tony took out Sara twice
    Sara took out Tony twice

    Tony took out six competitors that weren't Sara
    Sara took out zero competitors that weren't Tony :(

    This is a one-time special event thread! To see the main "Herp a Derby" weekly event thread which includes more information about it on its regularly scheduled day, visit it right here.

    Welcome to the one-time special event thread for an LGV Destruction Derby "Herp a Derby" event spinoff, starring the sweaty community coordinator himself, Tony Reyes, AKA "ThaCheez", and now also Zhivas! Why is this so special, you ask? They can only attend during work hours, and we just had to get them in on it at least once for the fun! Your goal is to take out Tony and/or Zhivas while fighting and eliminating your competitors in the designated arena to the death (of your bike!). This is a "rare" opportunity to make Tony, host of Firefall Live and one of R5's Community Coordinators, sweat by chasing him down, and you'll win some prizes on top of that, as if it wasn't already enough! There will be three rounds that our stars will be in with plenty of opportunity to smash them up as they will continue respawning their bike until the round is over!

    In addition to myself, Varixai and Yukiarashi also have authority over this event and will be helping in-game during it.

    How exactly does it work and what can I win?

    Courtesy of PaveMentman, our current reigning champion in the weekly derby event in a suspiciously well-timed and unplanned PM to me earlier today, I now have two game codes to give out! Treasure Adventure World (Tier 2) and Endless Space. There will be a bounty on both the heads of ThaCheez and Zhivas, and the competitor that claims the most bounties on them will get the game of their choice. The person to collect the second most bounties will get the other game. Having the most health when the round timer ends also credits you with two bounties. In the event of a tie in bounties, our addon has built-in RNG that can make the decision. We will need to do this by eye, so apologies in advance if it isn't clear who eliminated him! We'll do our best to try and make sure we can give credit out for the bounties.

    When is it?

    It was running at 7pm EST (GMT -4), 4pm PST (GMT -7) on Monday, November 25th. It has since finished, you are late to the party!

    How do I get to it in-game when it starts?

    As the purpose is to have everybody together and begin the first round by the starting time of the event (as seen above), I will contact you a bit before the time in-game if you are online by whisper and ask you to whisper back (use /reply) "inv" or "invite". That will enter you into my queue to join my squad when a spot becomes available. If you are already in a squad, make sure to drop out of it first before replying! As soon as you enter my squad, make sure you are in Sargasso and either press N then left-click if it prompted you to join leader, or type /joinleader in chat. Please leave the squad after you load back in to my instance so I can continue to invite other people! From there, make your way to the large, flat watery area past the first repulsor. Please use yell chat (access it by entering /y) as I don't want potentially unsavory types from zone to wander in. Once the start time rolls by, we'll do a quick ready check with everybody and start the event up! The "Rules and Guidelines" section covers more.

    Are there any requirements to join?

    An LGV available to call down. That's the whole point, silly! Make doubly sure you familiarize yourself with the "Rules and Guidelines" section closer to the bottom of this thread and the "Important tips" section a bit above it before joining us in-game so that communication is much easier. I would rather everybody know what's up ahead of time than try to explain it in a messy chat in-game.

    How do I enter?

    You just need to give me your in-game name in this thread and I will add you to the list of current participants and add you to my friends list for contact when the event is happening. My in-game name is also TheMaster627.

    As mentioned earlier, Varixai and Yukiarashi also have authority over this event and could also be contacted for anything pertaining to it if I am not around.

    Important tips for being the most ruthless, bloodthirsty (metalthirsty?) LGV rider that ever roamed Cerrado Plains!

    From our experience these are actually very important which is why I'm pointing them out. Hitting objects and other LGV's with your front or back tires seems to inflict some nasty self-damage usually, so a good strategy is to get people to run their front or back into your side instead. Try to cut them off by riding past their front! Just keep in mind that server lag does affect this, so the part of your bike that they hit is actually just behind you. Trying to bait competitors could also be viable as falling thumpers cause 2500 damage and falling off of ledges is a disqualification.

    Do you use voice chat for this event? If so, can I join you? Pretty please?

    Of course you can! We use our army's Raidcall server for this event and it has a "derby" room open to everybody that we will be in before, during, and after the event. Feel free to drop in and talk with us! You can find the Raidcall VOIP client for download right here.

    After you have it installed and have created your account, search for the room ID "7081793" in the upper-left box and you should see one result called "CoG army" pop up. Click that to join and you should be good to go!

    Rules and Guidelines:

    When it is nearing the event's start I will send you a whisper, just follow its instructions to be added to my squad queue. Please make sure you are free and available a bit before the time make this process easy! As soon as you are in the squad, press N and left-click or type /joinleader to join our instance.

    As soon as you are finished loading into the new instance, please leave squad so I can continue inviting more people and then head to the large, flat watery area past the first repulsor to meet up with everybody.

    When the round is setting up, you can place your LGV anywhere within the arena boundary, even next to another rider. The only restriction is that you do not place it in a way that will block another player from moving once we give the "GO" signal, such as directly in front of them. Once everybody is ready, we will count down and give that "GO!" signal, then it's up to you to start riding and smash Tony and your competition!

    Please stay within the general outlined area. We will cover what this area is during the event. If any part of the arena is not closed off by a natural barrier (such as a mountain wall, dropoff, or terrain texture change) we will probably mark it with a line of flares to designate the boundary. These boundaries are "soft", so it isn't a big deal if you go out of it for a second. If the arena is in an elevated location, falling off of a steep dropoff is an instant out!

    Please try to keep your speed above 55 outside of turning and occasionally using the handbrake. We understand the temptation is to go slow as it feels safer, but if every competitor went slow there could not be a derby. In the interest of fairness, you will be asked to increase your speed if seen going slow excessively, and can be disqualified if your speed is averaging less than 50.

    When your LGV is eliminated, you are out of that round for good! please hop off and fly to a spectator area away from the derby arena immediately so as not to be in the way of the other players!

    It should go without saying, but do not try to cheat the system and respawn a new LGV during the event. We have automatic monitoring and you will be immediately disqualified. Yes, it knows when you use the healing exploit too. Remember that this is supposed to be a fun community event, please try to keep it fair for everybody! Tony and Zhivas are exceptions to this rule.

    If there are at least two riders still battling it out after three minutes, a Thumper will be dropped. If there are still some riders left when the following five-minute timer completes, the biker with the highest health wins the round!

    If it is clear that Tony or Zhivas was taken out because of a collision with your LGV, you will be awarded for the bounty. If you have the most health when a round is over, you will also be awarded two bounties.

    Closings statement...

    Be sure to check out the main weekly event thread linked at the top of this post to join us in the regular time slot! Hopefully we'll get a bunch of signups to make this a nice and big event for our sweaty friend Tony. See you guys on Monday!
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  2. McFini Skullbane

    Darn, if we were still under daylight savings right now, I'd actually be able to attend this! :( I can't even curse this backarsewards province anymore either...

    Oh well, just know that I'll be rooting for team awesome and that the bacon will be with you, always! :D

    EDIT - If someone could steal a few screen captures of Tony, I could try to make a trading card of him too :p
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    My precious, you will be MINE!!
    Sing me in >XO!
  4. Yukiarashi Mentor

    Also any other Dev or player is invited.

    Who wouldn't want to participate? LGV's are the only things that DONT have a repair pool.
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    you forgot the scan hammer, thumpers, stock gear, glider pads, jump pads :p
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  6. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Yay! You guys got Tony to attend,this is so awesome! I CAN'T miss this one.
    Will Pez be joining also ?

    Mind if I tweet about this special event ?
  7. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

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  8. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Oh yeah? Beep,beep, vroom, vroom!

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  9. McFini Skullbane


    And flares, can't forget flares! ;)
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    Awwww... well, this doesn't have to be the only time it takes place. Now that I have a thread saved for it, it can be done once in a while (I mean like months apart, but don't hold me to this either!).

    I contacted Pez and unfortunately he will not be able to attend this. :(

    Tweet it up! We definitely need to get a bunch of participants with only a week to build it up, and I'm going to try to run it in another large arena.

    IT'S ON!

    Well, I guess if you think about it... thumpers can permanently break if you are careless, and gliderpads can get used up if it's not a rechargeable one. Kiiiiiiiind of the same?

    Also, would you like to sign up? The more we get the better!
  11. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Alright thank you. Tweet has been sent will tweet more!

    Shame Pez can't join this one.
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  12. Yukiarashi Mentor


    Thx for the back up Master
  13. Yukiarashi Mentor

    <3 Orca

    "Drive it like you stole it!"
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  14. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Oh haha! I remember that now. :)
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    I got yo back gurl!

    Not a bump.
  16. McFini Skullbane


    No, but this is!

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    Yayeeeeeeee! I LOVE smashing Tony's hopes and dreams!
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  18. Driller Storm Rider

    ^You mean what's left of them :p
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  19. ThaCheez Social Media Specialist

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  20. Steel Rodent Commander

    Sorry, I've been taught not to pick on slow children.
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