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love or hate SPIES?

love 159 vote(s) 50.8%
hate 154 vote(s) 49.2%
  1. LuvList Master Blaster

    hence why i stay away from general,everyone is biased towards :red5: without seeing any faults/problems.Even the trolls/complaints thread thats been happening started by people thats older than me here(2011-12).
  2. HuNtrkillR Commander

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  3. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

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  4. DarkMarshall Lieutenant

    Whoa those all sounds really cool.
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  5. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Lololol Dragonborn.
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  6. HuNtrkillR Commander

    It is Dohvakiin, DRAGON BORN!
  7. Char Aznable Centurion

    just logged out of the PTS
    it was good.
  8. Char Aznable Centurion

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  9. HuNtrkillR Commander

    :O Now I wish I was on the PTS! *humph*
  10. Char Aznable Centurion

    well, download it then :p
    btw...new weapons models >.>
  11. HuNtrkillR Commander

    Wait whaaaaaaat? Link? Or is it just plain ol ff?
  12. Char Aznable Centurion

    every frames haz it's own weapon models now
  13. Char Aznable Centurion

  14. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Pix of the Dragonfly, Firecat, and Raptor weapons or I'll burn your little piggy house down! >:C
    Blowing is for hookers.
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  15. HuNtrkillR Commander

    No no no, I saw that, I mean for the PTS
  16. Char Aznable Centurion

    too bad that i still didn't have any frame unlocked in PTS :p
    but they are in PTS right now, i'll have pics of every weapons tomorrow.
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  17. HuNtrkillR Commander

    Here ya go Shadow
  18. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    I saw the Raptor's in that link.
    It is beautiful. ; -;
    Dragonfly looks a little non-medical-y.
    Firecat looks kind of the same. . _.
  19. HuNtrkillR Commander

    Dude..link to PTS downlad!! :mad:
  20. Char Aznable Centurion