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Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by Xarko, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Xarko Commander

    Just curious as to how things are currently looking, I hear lots of negative things.
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    Same here, I thought about the game recently and started looking things up. It's been a rocky road apparently...
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    How are things haven't played in a loong while
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    I'm curious about that too
  5. Bfvmg Founder

    I am not. I left after Alpha and Beta. When they went live it was horrible. I am surprised it is still going.
  6. Richyda Rookie

    I am curious to know. Is Firefall still up? My brother told me they closed the last server that was up. Yet haven't bothered to check it myself
    Last time I checked, there were no more than 20 people in New Eden zone :l
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    I haven't even checked in a while. (Check my join date)
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    RIP Firefall...
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    No response, so it must be dead.
  10. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Some of the stuff is actually enjoyable if you have not done the same thing for over half a year already...

    Getting into the new reworked frames, setting them up and playing Defense of Dredge is not that bad imo.
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    Are servers back to being stable again?
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    Im sure it will get a leg back in the fight, and stand proud sooner or later
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    Looks like we will have to wait and see. Only time will tell.
  14. Hazrik Centurion

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    Dang, I just remembered I had this game.
  16. Rivana Savior of Humanity

    Sad really, the game was pretty fun for a while.
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    I know right T^T
  18. fallout11 Bookworm

    Its been dead for nearly a year now, just a twitching corpse.
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    I haven't played for a while and popped back to see how it was doing before checking the forums.

    I could run around and dabble in open world stuff but the second I try and enter a mission or change area it kicks me back to log in.

    I didn't see anyone around either. Used to see tons of folk. It seems I left it too long to come back and it died a death.
  20. AeroSynth Founder

    Games been dead, don't bother.