Surround/Eyefinity broken again

Discussion in 'UI Bugs' started by Asmodai, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Asmodai Commander

    Hey guys, just an fyi, the garage is broken as it get's after each new garage iteration with the selection panel for gear moving to the right screen (3x1 array) where the mouse cannot go or interact with. The work around is swap to single monitor, change gear, change back to 3 screen.

    It doesn't seem to take long to address although it's a bit weird that each change breaks it again.
  2. Jaguars Black Cats

  3. Asmodai Commander


    Yup, but each time it get's broken, it only get's addressed if someone pipes up on the forums. ; )

    Seems like a pretty straightforward fix that get's lost in the mix after each new iteration of the garage ui comes out.
  4. Jaguars Black Cats

    As awesome as these resolutions are to play at, they're not well supported by most developers in my experience.
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  5. DizTX Holmganger

    Actually all the major developers support surround in nearly every title they produce. Almost all AAA games feature full support for surround resolutions, as well as many crappy F2P games such as Neverwinter, Infestation(WarZ), Nether etc etc.

    The only semi popular game I can think of off the top of my head that doesn't support surround resolutions is Warframe.

    At any rate, it's basically a non issue with the introduction of the new UI in 1.0, as the elements are much smaller and are completely located on the main screen.
  6. Jaguars Black Cats

    There are almost always issues with UI scaling and placement, aspect ratio, LOD, etc. Planetside 2 in particular has an extremely annoying LOD issue.

    Since the latest patch, there are still plenty of UI issues remaining. For example, trying to right click equipped items puts the menu off the center monitor. In Firefall, by design, the UI only works on the center monitor. This means that you cannot click on that context menu while using these aspect ratios.