Taken or dark ones are not chosen

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    I see all this confusion after todays stream about taken and chosen. Here Is how I think it is the taken or dark ones are people that were caught in the meld. But burning the mass meld at the start some strong willed people were able to overcome its grasp. That group of people became the dark ones as they are not excepted by the normal terrans or the advanced Ascendant witch are a hole other story of there own.
    So the taken have as much reason to fight the chosen as the regular humans. So in there zone areas the chosen will be attacking as well. Just because the meld tried to take you once and failed dose not mean it will not try again.

    This has no backing in fact what so ever its just the only way my mind can put together all the info we have in a working order.
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    I dunno. I get my information from the manga series. Tells a lot more about the Lore than anything.
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    I thought this aswell and its most likely true but Grummz said this
    "The Chosen are not united, and their numbers and powers are somewhat weaker than their full potential. There are tribes of Chosen that fight each other, and while they can replenish their numbers, it takes them time to do so. More I cannot say....I fear I have already said to much"

    So the dark ones are chosen but they do not want what the other chosen want which are the ones trying to kill the accord and take land. They are probably a rebel force of the chosen, against there own kind since they probably still have some humanity left inside them. Hell look at the manga wonder what will happen next. Good or Evil
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    lolwut? The Tanken are just bandits. Nothing more, nothing less. Taking advantage of the current situation for their own benefit. Same as looting houses during disasters or riots.
    The Dark Ones are unlike the Chosen we fight. They are either-

    • a) A separate group of Chosen whose allegiance lies somewhere different than the "Kill all humans" clause of the usual Chosen. I assume they have their own agenda. At least, it has to be something like that for them to be a playable faction in Open World PvP, if that happens.
    • b) As you said, they are just humans affected by the melding. However, whether or not that form would still be considered a type of Chosen is left up to debate.

    And of course, the Ascendants are something else entirely. They seem to lie on the "Holy" side, contrasted by the Chosen's "Evil" side and the humans' "neutral" side. Though for them to participate in Open World PvP, I imagine they're like those groups of characters that say things like, "We will cleanse the Earth of all evil!" and then proceed to slaughter everyone in the name of "purification."

    They will also totally be the faction with the snootiest members, like the Terran Republic in Planetside 2. :p
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    Here's my guess.

    Melding is the big bad.
    Chosen are made by the Melding when it absorbs Affinites.
    Ascendants are aliens that uplifted humanity.
    Affinites are descendants of Ascendant/Human bloodlines.

    Throw in some hub-bub about the Melding being created by/discovered by the Ascendants and the Melding is intentionally consuming Ascendant uplifted worlds.

    What's an Ascendant?


    That is an Ascendant.
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    Well, that raises a question from me. What exactly is an Affinite and when were they introduced? In the manga, I'm guessing?
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    Yes, Manga. You should read it. And then spoil it all for me. :B
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    Yeah it's in the manga. :p
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    Oooh, neat. That explains the part with the cop at the beginning, which is literally as far as I've read. I'm liking that the Firefall world goes beyond space travel and fighting against the usual genocidal human hating entities. Also, I want to know what the f*ck dragons have to do with Firefall. That picture towards the end of the presentation and the pile of Dragon bones near O Cogumelo in game are hinting at some interesting cupcake.
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    Human = Race
    Accord = Faction
    Tanken = Faction

    Chosen = Race
    Dark one = Faction

    pretty simple ?
    edited :p
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    Woah. Wait... Hold on...

    Are you saying that bandits are NOT human, and are a radical genetic deviation from the human bloodline? If this is so, can bandits breed with humans? Or have they deviated so much that only a male/female bandit pairing will produce a baby bandit?


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    Fixed that for ya.
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    forgot to edit that when i add in humans and chosen :p
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    Affinites are basically psychic humans which have been known about across the world for quite sometime. So far it hasn't been explained when they started to appear but they are quite commonly found. The Melding is able to communicate with them and appears to have some kind of influence which caused many of the Affinites to willing throw themselves into the Melding when it first arrived on Earth. Further to this it appears that every Chosen is a mutated Affinite, which explains why there are so many Tortured. Affinites are able to hear each others thoughts so it can be presumed that the Chosen have something akin to a psychic SIN link to each other.
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    Waot, so their are playable races now?
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    Read the patch notes.
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