Thanks for the awesomeness PEZ

Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by [=THV=] Rumpel, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. [=THV=] Rumpel Purple Haze

    Just want to share this:
    Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p9.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p10.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p12.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p1.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p2.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p3.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p4.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p5.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p6.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p7.jpg Rumpelinchen~Apr-28-2016~Diamond-Head~1~p8.jpg
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  2. neotic Founder

    Grats to 9 free ER levels. ;)
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  3. [=THV=] Rumpel Purple Haze

    13 :D
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  4. crazyjeremy Founder

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  5. FadedPez Community Manager

    My favorite part was when I pressed the wrong button 10 times thinking I was spawning Juggernauts, but I was actually hitting the Necronus button instead. D:
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  6. Harven90 The Wave

    Is this for real!? Ugh!

    Please next time say something in the forums, I'd really like to participate ....

    Awesome event btw
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  7. <Nakata> War Machine

    Will events like this happen for people who aren't able to play during Red:red5: work hours? We'd love a dozen free ER too
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  8. #8
    I would like a rare ER roll with RARE rewards, not junk.
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  9. #9
    PLEASE PEZ! Do such events schedule and more often! This is what you need so that players do not get bored. DT will be too dead for events.

    I get the experience of 10 million per hour in the Sertao.
  10. Shirasik WMD

    Same here.
  11. BunnyHunny Centurion

    My favorite part was when everybody died and the map of the whole area was filled with skulls. :D

    +1 to what others already said:

    Weekly massacres would be amazing :D
  12. [=THV=] Rumpel Purple Haze

    I was so amazed, i AOE'ed the jugs! :O *for the lulz ofc ...
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  13. <Nakata> War Machine

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