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    Hello all, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with some updates regarding Firefall PvP.

    My name is Kevin Lee and I am the Lead PvP Designer on Firefall (I also go by TheMuffinMan). Currently, my focus is on arena PvP and before I go into greater detail, I would like to preface this post by saying everything that I am about to mention is currently in the design phase and is subject to change.

    My goal for Arena PvP is to create an accessible, balanced, and competitive experience that is largely independent of the PvE portion of the game. This means that arena PvP will have:

    • Regulation frames
    • Weapons, abilities and perks unique to arena PvP.
    • Its own progression tract
      • PvP ranks (essentially your PvP level)
      • Unlocks (weapons, abilities, perks, cosmetics, etc.)
      • PvP currency
    • The ability to level through arena PvP (Participating in arena matches will earn you XP).
    Arena PvP will feature a horizontal progression system, which means you don’t become drastically more powerful as you rank up. Instead, you will unlock more strategic and tactical options that can be used in your loadout.

    Skill should be the ultimate decider in arena PvP and with the use of regulation frames and Arena specific weapons/abilities/perks, we will have a greater degree of control that will hopefully allow us to achieve a highly competitive and balanced PvP experience.

    I have found that when you attempt to balance the PvE and the PvP portions of a game simultaneously, you end up making compromises that are ultimately detrimental for the game as a whole. I would prefer not to make such compromises. More information on Arena PvP will be released as pieces are more developed. With the upcoming combat changes that c0wb0y is working on, there are a lot of things to test. I will be working with FadedPez to get information out to you as often as I can.

    Since my focus is currently on Arenas, I’m sure you’re wondering what this means for Broken Peninsula. Due to continued exploitation, a number of broken game mechanics, general lack of meaningful participation in BP, and our need to focus limited man power on something that will have the biggest impact, Broken Peninsula will not be maintained for the time being (most items unique to BP will be redistributed throughout the primary zones). It is clear that large scale PvP needs to be retooled, but this does not mean that the idea is being abandoned (more information regarding BP here).

    Many of the core ideas behind BP are sound and have a great deal of potential, but the implementation wasn’t as robust as it needed to be. After Arenas are fully implemented, I will shift focus to BP and investigate how to make OWPvP something that fits into the grand plan of Firefall. I don’t have details on what that entails just yet, but as I make progress I will be sure to keep you in the loop.

    I have also been reading through many of the feedback posts and there are a lot of great ideas and suggestions. Please keep them coming, because ultimately we are making this game for you.
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  2. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando

    Patience is a virtue. Glad to read this! :)
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  3. [HDP] ObsoleteVodka Beta Vanguard

    I love you already.
  4. Asuri Mercenary

    All hail TheMuffinMan!

    Frank Zappa rocks!
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  5. Timotech Marshmallow

    will you be bringing back all the old arena pvp modes? i really miss sabotage and harvester, and i know a lot of people miss jetball too. i'd really like to see them all come back.
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    Best news I've read in a long time...
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    make a custom avatar, let us think you are going to stay to see it through.

    i hope there is pvp specific variants of skills... for instance multi-turrets that do additional damage to players, and would love to see BP basically like DT with tons of spots to thump and fight pve/pvp to maintain your spot. would make sense to incentivize larger squads to participate... please see 'thumping!' thread for suggestions on how to make thumping engaging.

    why? because a lot of us have maxed accounts and thumping is all that's left. imho its the best place to focus for pvp content in open setting. arenas are nice for the raw pvp action, but for the transition from pvp <-> pve for our account progression, and i believe it would be a mistake to partition the two open worlds; but makes sense to divide arena existence from the open worlds..
  8. The Killtech Commander

    i hope Arena PvP won't suffer the same problems as it did before and as BP did (too few players participating). though i am not a huge fan of such fast paced shooter games i wish it success and i hope you will figure out a way to make it attractive for a multitude of players.

    i remember global aganda suffered from similar issues and therefore some special instanced events were not accessible all the time but had a schedule when they were available (in order to not split population into too many queues). i don't think it's the way to go here but i think that it might help to have special rewards available for queueing at scheduled times. it might also be worth sending some kind of global alerts about such scheduled queues to all players that might be interested.

    finally i hope that Arena PvP will get some mode that is somewhat forgiving to us less skilled non-PvP players encouraging them to take part and offers them a way to be useful for their team despite their lack of ultra fast reflexes. basically something the PvE crowd can also ocassionally enjoy. because deathmatch where unskilled players get shot repeatedly in the face without being able to fight back thus keep dying all the time and becoming a burden for the team isn't fun.
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  9. Nalin Rookie

    Wow, that is very similar to my proposal. If I could request one thing its that you take this suggestion for rewards:
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  10. Jotaro Mentor


    I realize some sort of progression is needed to keep players invested and busy, but horizontal or not, some builds will become cookie cutter and trump others.
    Then again, personal preference being limited by progression is not exactly the holy grail either.
    If I want to get item A before item B, I should have that option, choosing one over the other. Don't turn this into something where player Y gets what he wants after one day, and player Z has to spend weeks to get his preferred loadout.

    Please don't mess this up.
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    Won't it split the community?
    There three are categories of players: PvE, PvP, and PvP+PvE. And if there will be a separate progression for PvP and PvE, players will be force to chose what to play, because: "I need to do this daily in Amazon, so sorry but I can't join your team at PvP", or "I need get some uranium to finish my rhino for bosses, so I can't do any PvP...", or "I'm can't go with you to kill kanaloa because my PvE BFs are too low", essentially, if you chose to play one aspect you will be left behind in the other, so people will likely stick to just one.
    Am I wrong?
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    • Regulation frames
    • Weapons, abilities and perks unique to arena PvP.
    • Its own progression tract
      • PvP ranks (essentially your PvP level)
      • Unlocks (weapons, abilities, perks, cosmetics, etc.)
      • PvP currency
    • The ability to level through arena PvP (Participating in arena matches will earn you XP).

    Sounds good.

    You're right about the three kinds of players, you are wrong that you need to stick to one and people will be excluded by favoring one to the other as there is not enough PvE to tie anyone down.
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    Maybe at the moment, but you have to think of the future.
  14. Shrimkins Maverick

    I still want OWPvP back. cupcake all those exploiting assholes that ruined it
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  15. Raver. Mentor

    Finally at least seeing something being said about PvP has got my hopes up but unless something happens soon my hopes wont stay high ;) please dont disappoint me x) I will make sure to make a forum about my "ideal PvP system" soon and feel free to take what you please! Currently I know that me, Kronis90, Daymaker, and a few other guys in my Army(Tides of War) have PvP as our #1 priority!
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    all of those situations will happen as well as "naw i'm just not feeling like PvP/PvE today" however since you get xp from doing arenas as well as pvp progression you can lvl via pvp if i'm reading the 4th bullet point in the OP correctly so your last point is moot.
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    What exploits are you talking about? The only ones I know about were the afk for vouchers and the upgrading and downgrading bases for vouchers exploits.
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    What do you mean the items from BP will be distributed? So you're saying all the time and effort spent gathering the Wasteland modules, and cores from the vendor will be easily accessible to anyone now?

    On the other hand, this change sounds great. Now, 90% of the players on BP will realize using their broke builds means nothing. They will learn that they are not as good as they think they are.
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  19. Shrimkins Maverick

    The biggest one was people leveling frames from 1 to 40 in just a couple of hours.
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    XP isn't everything, more, XP is nothing in the end-game:)
    I have another scenario:
    Let's consider AvA, if AvA will be fought with regulation PvP gear then whats the point of maxing your PvE BFs, and crafting, if AvA will be fought with PvE gear, then you're army members will have to play PvE to get the best possible gear to have a chance at it, and there is a question of balance too, but this could be mitigated rather easily, with the sheer number of players (more players, the less obvious is the OPnes, you can say it self balances). Nonetheless I'm concerned that with the PvP-PvE separation, any attempts of balancing the PvE will go out through the window, or we will see some artificial constraints like you can use this in AvA but not that, just because.

    And those situations wouldn't happen if you could for example complete a daily at the PvP arena, etc, if those progressions were somehow intertwined