The New Achievement Hats/Unlockables

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    Thats a shame. Pretty sure they have other priorities but would be nice if they awarded the item to people who have already got the achievement pre-patch.
  2. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    I do not. Although I'm not entirely sure if I completed this achievment before or after the patch. So that could be the problem.
  3. HellRik Field Marshal

    Same here with another acheivement I did before they added the unlocked. The acheivements where theres , but w/o the list
    I did 3x 10k meters runs, still shows unlocked, but never had the ''emote'' saying Congratz you have it.
  4. AdmiralErin Assault Specialist

    I also have this problem, even went and did it again for good measures... but i still don't have it.
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    Hey guys! We're aware of the issue where people who've previously finished an achievement aren't getting their cosmetic rewards.

    A fix is in the works, and will be in soon. You can rest easy knowing that you, too, will soon be the proud owner of your very own Dunce Cap. Keep an eye out.
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  6. CosmicD Mentor

    My female character also turns bald under that hat ;)
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  7. Virgil Imperial Artificer

    This is done, enjoy the (literally) stupid hat!
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    So can anyone comment on the gift for these two achievements:

    Superlative Thumper


    Grand Executioner


    I have read somewhere on here that people are having trouble with the superlative thumper one. The achievement keeps resetting apparently. Can't find any info on the gift for these two though? Starting to have a crack at Grand executioner but its gonna take a while.
  9. chesse20 Herald of Decay

    i dont understand how getting killed by fire is an achivement
    thats like if someone got a trophy for getting aids or cupcaketing their pants
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  10. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    You got be brave and strong to stand in fire
  11. Sorrakaa Founder

    World of Warcraft Progression: DONT STAND IN THE FIRE!
    FireFall Progression: You will get free stuff for no reason by standing in anything that will kill you.

    +1 Firefall
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  12. XyzKiller Laser Lancer

    I hope they get onto fixing the Superlative Thumper achievement as it's not counting the completed Thumpers.
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    Only ones that give reward is where u see the lil present box by it
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    I found out because I randomly wanted to fly on up there and dance whilst being cooked to death :D
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  15. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    just had my first 100% 100% thumper - small thumper

    and the achievement did not record anything
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    It's an issue the community knows about and I'm sure :red5: will be looking into once they return from there jolly's.
  17. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    If someone doesn't know already - the last two have been discovered:

    Grand Executioner
    Superlative Thumper
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    Everyone, the 100% thumper achievement is on improved (maybe advanced too, I'm not even going to attempt that) thumpers. We tried it multiple times with a stock, as soon as I did it with an improved thumper successfully, I got credit. So it looks like it just requires you to use at least an improved thumper. Best of luck to you all! :)
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    Nope! Just improved.
  20. Highrisk AMD Operator

    Hence, the name "Dunce" Cap.

    dunce (dns)
    A stupid person; a dolt.
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