The9 being sued by Qihoo 360

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    No one will read this, everyone that was here has gone (It seems).

    The9 (NINETOWNS is a better name for them lol) are being sued by Qihoo 360 in what seems like a breaking of contractual agreements and lying about the expected revenue of firefall (Fire Waterfall is a much better name) to get Qihoo to invest in a china version of the game

    I may be completely wrong, they may not be being sued for that. They may not be being sued at all, I honestly couldn't care, all I know is if they are being sued. The9 is screwed and that will be Firefall's full on demise. Enjoy Reading the google translated mess.

    (If anyone here speaks fluent Chinese and English, please translate this so it is readable).
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  2. Su' Bacha Sanoya Titan Slayer

    Well we shall see what happens.
    Dropped by to see if anybody found my missing rubber mouse in Copa over by the big scratching post.
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    And some more news. Firefall will be shut down soon according to Zhu Jun (The owner of The9).

    one section translates to this:

    in early march ceo zhu jun has announced that online operations for firefall will not continue for much longer as they are unable to bring the game into a working condition.
    "Non-working online operations in the game Firefall are the root cause as to why the agreement [between the9 and qihoo360] can not be kept, and the game developers - Red 5 Studios should be held responsible for this."

    So enjoy the game while you can :D
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  4. GrannySmith! Founder

    nobody cares
  5. EMEUTIER Founder

    Speak for yourself. I find this info interesting and sad.
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  6. pcaz_pdc Founder

    Qihoo 360 got duped, and System Link invested without doing any homework , on the assets they were interested in investing in...

    too bad... /s

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  7. crazyjeremy Founder

    I mean really, what could go wrong?
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  8. crazyjeremy Founder


    • R5 - Give me money for my game.
    • 360 - Ok, how much is your game worth? How much $$ do you make?
    • R5 - Uhm... I dunno. Like hundreds of millions.
    • 360 - Oh, OK I can give you a big loan. I believe you (but I won't check). Here's the first payment. How many players do you have?
    • R5 - 150
    • 360 - ... How many?
    • R5 - 75
    • 360 - How much money are you making?
    • R5 - Negative, so please give us the rest of the loan so we can hire new developers.
    • 360 ...
    • R5 - MONIES NOW
    • 360 ...
    • Zhu Jun - We should sue. This failure is someone else's fault. (Definitely not mine) Remember how much better it was when I made all that money from World of Warcraft? You should give me that much money again.

    • Die Ziet Reporter - Hey 360 What exactly are your plans for Firefall?
    • 360 - I cannot tell you.
    • Die Zeit Reporter - 360, how can you fix Firefall?
    • 360 - Don't worry about it we have ways
    • Die Ziet Reporter - But you kinda don't make games anymore
    • 360 - We're totally the biggest gaming company
    • Die Ziet Reporter - What will happen to Firefall
    • 360 - We must find someone we can trust to make Firefall. Firefall as it exists is broken.
    • Die Ziet Reporter - You are a weird game company, what are your credentials?
    • 360 - We make security products.
    • Die Ziet Reporter - What are your gaming credentials?
    • 360 - We are an awesome security company and a lot of gaming people totally like us.
    • Die Ziet Reporter - Gaming Credentials please?
    • 360 - S E C U R I T Y P R O D U C T S
    • Die Ziet Reporter - What is the relationship between Firefall, The9, Ninetowns, Red5, System Link, Zhu Jun, Cashmere Sweaters and Security Companies?
    • 360 - Security companies are awesome. All this other stuff is a tax write-off. Trust us, we're still relevant.
    • Die Ziet Reporter - Do you want Firefall to succeed?
    • 360 - According to the relevant provisions, this content is now inconvenient to disclose
    • Zhu Jun - WTF give me more money. I need to buy more cars. Remember WoW? That was great and I should be rich again.

    • Mark Kern - Hi. Autism is real and often misdiagnosed. Please give me Firefall's IP and players. STRETCH GOALS.
    • Zhu Jun - Get out of here Mark!
    • Die Ziet Reporter - I'm so confused.
    • Ryue - Can anyone point me to the server room?
    • Brontodon Pet - My rareness is not appreciated
    • Flak Cannon - HAHA Whatever
    • Cashmere Sweaters - Are we still a thing? I finished my custom-sized Arsenal sweater.
    • FadedPez - Yeah about Arsenal... Uh. They killed him. But I tried.. I really did.
    • Cashmere Sweaters - Arsenal's... Gone? Why? What will I do with my Firefall themed sweaters?
    • Die Ziet Reporter - Isn't Arsenal a sportsball thing?

    • R5 - Can I have money now? I need to pay Ryue to reboot the server.
    • Ryue - I will also accept a Cashmere Sweater as payment.
    • All of the players - What's going on? We both get booted when we change zones.
    • R5 - All can be fixed with money.
    • Zhu Jun - Give us the money.
    • 360 - You people are crazy
    • Mark Kern - Give me your players for my non-working game. Also the way you dislike me proves that you are not likable.
    • Die Ziet Reporter - So are you making WoW with guns?
    • Zhu Jun - YES!
    • All of the players - NO!
    • R5 devs - *silence*
    • Ryue - I'm cold. Please pay me.
    • All of the player - Ooh, success! I changed zones without getting rebooted!!!

    edit: a word
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  9. M2bandit Centurion

    Hmm I seem to remember saying they were keeping it online to dupe investors and reduce losses.

    "a company called Red 5 Studios game developers are currently working with" I guess you can mask a company's existence when your internet is limited.

    I'm curious as to what drove The9's stock jump on the 6th.

    Nailed it
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  10. Earth_Soldier Beta Commando


    Just unplug it already for god's sake... enough suffering.
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    Best post on this forum. Ever :D
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  12. pcaz_pdc Founder

    we have the story outline above---
    let's buy a cupcake ton of movie cameras, a bus, and start making the MOVIE!!!!
    ( :red5: --give us even more money!)

    FireFall, A Brazilian Tragedy.... and the sequel : FireWaterFall, A Cayman Island Tragedy......

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    So what you are saying is there is a sequel being made called Firewaterfall?

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    Personally, I can't find where they say Firefall will not be online much longer, but I have heard this from many sources -- all-be-it MFGA sources.

    If I recall, one possible out for the FF IP is for the game to crash (due to loss of interest) leading to a forced IP sell to Kern or some other interested buyer. I don't know if this would be entirely bad, but I am aware the MFGA movement (and Kern himself) was pushing for it once upon a time. Make of that as you will, but I would urge everyone in general to do their own research.

    I am in a PhD program for mathematics -- there are as many Chinese speaking students / faculty in my program as English speaking, so I'll see if I can get someone to translate these for us.

    Also, props to CrazyJeremy, as he points out just how dysfunctional the entire situation is.

    Might look here:

    A Chinese speaker posted a paraphrasing translation, apparently The9 isn't being sued, they are suing 360 for not advertising as they agreed to do. What a mess...
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    That they threw out the heart and founder of the game ..Mark Kern...was the beginning of the end. It was such a rich and promising game with thumping, crafting, the matire printers...and those dumb fools all removed and many of the developers also.

    Question is if this is the end..because then its not worth anymore to play this difficult and torturing game - into which The9-fools transfered it into - anymore.
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    Mark was useless and f*cked up so much stuff but yes, throwing out the one who started the demise was a bad thing

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    if you only could be more constructive. If you only would show a reason that proofs what you say. The game is ruined actually and Mark is away from the game since years, so how can you say the chinese cupcakeheads made anything good to the game ?
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    Well, since I am English. I am far from a Chinese cupcakehead but nice bit of Racism there. Gotta throw in that they are Chinese, can't just say Sh*t publishers. Have to mention they are Chinese. GG well played.

    Also, what proof do you want? The bus that didn't work and never brought it $2 million of advertising like Mark claims, the multitude of ex employees that state Mark was as bad as "that Reddit post" stated.

    I mean, the fact the game fully changed it's path twice when he was in charge (just like it did when The9 supposedly ran it) shows he was just as bad.

    The fact he says Em8er will be his original vision of Firefall but in a different game is also a lie, Since didn't Firefall start out as a PvP focused game with a bit of PvE? While em8er won't have PvP in it?

    Just the fact you called yourself Mark 101 makes me wonder if there is a screw loose somewhere. Now just run off to his little discord and cry about what I just told you like every other Mark sycophant has done for the past 8 months since I told Mark to F*ck off :D
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  19. BunnyHunny Centurion

    Chinese is not a race, but a nationality that usually comes with certain cultural traits.
    Making certain generalizations and/or assumptions about people, based on their nationality is not racist.