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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by dirtsoda, Sep 20, 2012.

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    The installer in image always asks me to close the Firefall installer to install Firefall. Already tried the full installer and its still the same.

    When I close the Firefall installer, the Firefall installer will just rerun the other installer so it's also useless.

    What do? Should I cry because the beta invite was useless after all?

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    I can't see the image for some reason, but check task manager and close any FirefallInstaller.exe processes you see. Then try again.
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    here is an alternate link:

    yeah. i did that and, like i said, the installer will attempt to install the c++ thing again. its like im running in circles. (sorry if that was rude)
  4. burn-x Founder

    Have you tried rebooting to see if fixes the problem?
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    i had this problem since last night (i close the pc before sleeping) so i doubt that will fix the problem
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    Oh, that's from the c++ redist installer. If you click ignore, does it continue?
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    yes. but it gives an error like "c++ installation isnt completed. firefall wont run properly but will still download it." (something like that)
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    Okay, so the installation continues or exits?
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    im redownloading the full installer since the stream installer wont work (no more disk space. downloading to a usb drive). so im going to update you after a few hours or so. :)
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  11. Tech Support Guy Commander

    That means the download is so corrupted that it does not even know what is it.
  12. burn-x Founder

    What are you using to download the full client?
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    internet download manager
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    You're using a download manager to download the full 4gb installer?

    Dont use that download manager, download the patch normally and without a crappy program that downloads multiple pieces at the same time. The download isn't capped and many downloads aren't nowdays.
  15. Tech Support Guy Commander

    1) He is trying to install not patch
    2) Download managers reduce chances of corruption for people with unstable connections and have a higher success rate than the streaming installer.
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    Uhm. So I decided to disable the download manager to try it will work. When I downloaded the full installer using Firefox, it just downloaded a 2(something) kb file not the 4.3gb one. Then I thought I'd use the stream installer and this error occurred.

    "There was an error downloading the installer files. Installer bundle verification failed. The bundle is corrupt." (exact)

    This happened three times then this error happened.

    "Installation Failed.
    Failed to download the installation 3 times. Please resolve this issue and try again later.

    You may want to try the "full" installer option at
    Install bundle verification failed. The bundle is corrupt." (exact)

    Edit: Here is the corrupted file from Firefox. (915 B different from 2.3 kB from before)
  17. Tech Support Guy Commander

    Did you copy the link from or did you download it first in chrome or firefox and then CTRL J into the downloads screen and copied the link from there. Before downloading with the manager.
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    I just did that and the download manager is downloading the 4.3 GB one. I did not do that before.
  19. Tech Support Guy Commander

    Hope it works this time :)
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    fingers crossed.