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    Anyone having trouble to get those? I AM and you need a LOT of them...ok Garum 69 told me the places were can i find them but still i got 3 DNA in a Hour and i need more than 200 to craft T2 equipment and ability's, im not saiyng they're impossible to get , but it is very hard for a low lv craft, i can't imagine how hard must be crafting T3 and T4 stuff ..
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    I agree.
    I'm also trying to get to Tier 2, but I might have to skip T2 for anything that requires Thresher DNA. It's simply unrealistic to get enough of them in a reasonable time. Getting Arahna, Hisser or Culex DNA is easy since they have nests spawning in very specific areas so you can pretty much farm them. Thrashers have no fixed spawn location. The best advice I got from the chat was to do ARES missions and Thump near Shanty Town. So after 3 ARES missions and 2 tier 2 personal thumpers I have ZERO Thresher DNA.

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  3. ldb

    I get several threshers when I drop a PT1, along with lots of culex, worth giving it a shot (bring a buddy to make sure the thumper gets sent up) - so much better than 3 per hour.
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    Where do you drop your PT1? I hear conflicting advice in game, either around Shanty Town or Near Thump Dump/Cerrado Plains. What's the best spot for it?
  5. ldb

    I was getting 3 or 4 whiptails in copa with PT1, but Cerrado seems like a sensible bet for thresher dna since they roam there.
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    The secret is to use a stock squad thumper. Squad thumpers will attract way way more threshers. If you drop is somewhere defensible then you should not have much trouble soloing it to about 65 percent, after that your going to want to send it back and then call it back down. Do it for an hour and a half solo and I bet you will have enough for 3 refinements.
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    Threshers, like hissers, tend to favor dry, sandy environments. Cerrado plains, Thump dump, Stonewall, and Broken Shore like to throw threshers at you during a personal I thump. Naturally, anything tougher, even a stock squad, will bring more threshers (and other denizens) but you'll really want to set a limit you can handle. Once that thumper goes boom or lifts off, the threshers begin to despawn.
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    My army and I have been putting down Personal Thumper II's around thump dump and cerrado plains. The only problem is , you get some threser 2 dna (the bigger ones) I think a PT i should do the trick. I've also noticed around the "forest" area to the east of thump dump, there are a few packs of thresers that roam there.
  9. overunityy Beta Vanguard

    I placed a stock squad to get about 12 threshers spawned then sent it up, each time I was lucky to get one DNA sample .

    After doing this with both squad and personal 1 multiple times and killing around 60 threshers My DNA count went fro 25 to 33.

    Considering the amount of dna required this is very dissappointing .
  10. TrashCanMan Founder

    Drop rate needs be increased or let us trade them on the market (although this will push the price of items up considerable I would think).

    A dev response would be appreciated.
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    Adding Thresher nests would at the very least bring them in line with other DNAs. Some sort of dinosaur-like nest with bones around it that spawns in 1-2 large Threshers, and maybe a few smaller "baby" ones, in the surrounding area when you attack it.

    Would be nice if a few of the creature types would make it into Ares missions too. We already have Ares missions with Aranhas, but it would be nice to see some with Threshers and Hissers in. That would indirectly help with the DNA situation as well.
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  12. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    I agree even tho i dont lack dna, the drop % is bad and unfun, and the requirements too high hissers and threshers, its a stupid system. 1 kind of dna should drop so that u got it from whatever you did. Instead of o my getting aranha due to these being in the missions, i see so many complain about this, an adjustment is due.
  13. war4peace Beta Commando

    It's exactly the same problem I have. The imbalance between monster availability is what's causing this.
    You want Culex DNA? You go east of Copa, plenty of Culex spawning nests there. Aranha DNA? Easy peasy, they're everywhere. Hisser DNA? Zounds of spawn nests near Thump Dump and also east of Copa.

    But Threshers? First off, they have no nests. They just... pop up here and there and there's simply not enough of them to balance out the above named monsters.
    I have been playing for 10 days now, I think, and I have 15 Thresher DNAs and during this time I even managed to build two or three Aranha DNAs, 3 Hisser DNAs and even a couple level 2 Aranha and Hisser ones. I think I have enough Culex DNA (50+) as well but not so sure on this one. But I have maybe 14-15 Thresher DNA total... Me sad puppy.

    Hell, it's even easier to get Level 2 Chosen Tech or Level 2 Accord Stolen Tech off bandits!
  14. zerobounds Founder

    The DNA fences are stupid and need to be heavily modified.
  15. TrashCanMan Founder


    WTB a horse! ;)
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    Should try dropping a thumper (not the personal stock one, but a higher tier one) and you should be getting a few more DNA samples. That is what I do and within an hour or 2 i get all the DNA I need. It varies with people and make sure you get a good spot where threshers actually appear. It sucks farming for DNA, but shouldn't take you too lon.
  17. Senor_Meowmix Bird of Prey

    Yeah, an increase in mobs that drop L1 thresher DNA would make sense, I find a lot more L2.
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    Doesn't matter they all make the same end product, just check the refine dna section in your printer

    The catch is that crystite hybrid modules only point you to L1
  19. Sasara Commander

    1) Get your TD key and thump in sagrasso
    2) get a bunch of level 2 dna
    3) go to refining in the printer and find the dna section
    4) refine the level 2 dna into the parts

    It only takes 25 level 2 parts to make the same item. Just make sure you go to the dna section under the refining tab to make them.
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    What I really don't understand is why the DNA has to be a random drop. the creatures aren't vaporized beyond all recognition, there is always some aranha goo or thresher corpses left around, so why can't we just take DNA from them?
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