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    I was wondering if we would see Thump Dump given greater importance in the game?

    As it is now we can lose it to the Chosen and yet still use the forge, change frames, use the bounty system, use our xp we gathered, etc. That makes no sense.

    If the Thumpers are launched from Thump Dump and that is were they return then when we lose it to the Chosen it should impact the game itself. There is no reason why the Chosen would allow us to launch and return our Thumpers if they took out the SIN and killed the faculty. If it is lost then it should stop all Thumper Drops. Then it will require us to work our way to Thump Dump to recapture it .

    Also if the location is that vital and so close to the Melding it wouldn't make sense to leave it defenseless. Wouldn't we fortify the location with walls, turrets and other methods to control the entry to the facility? I mean, they walled in the junkyard at Thump Dump but not the important part of the location? At least increase the amount of guards.

    Why is it that at some locations when the Chosen capture the facility they patrol all over the facility but not at Thump Dump. They just destroy the tower and move on.
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    I feel like Thump Dump is always in the red whenever I log in.
    If Thump Dump were to be given more importance it'd contribute to giving the players something to do.

    Maybe make it a POI kind of like Copa and Transhub? Although do something to it so that players wouldn't have to go back and forth towards Thump Dump defending/taking it back.
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    I would be OK with them increasing the defenses at Thump Dump as I said. That would make it harder for the Chosen to take Thump Dump. They should in turn be able to use those defenses against us. Much like when Copa was invaded we should see it covered in the thick fog as well. Make it as important as Copa and Trans Hub.
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    Um, I thought Thump Dump was more of a Scrap/repair/relaunch yard, not the actual Thumper Launch point. I thought that was handled from Orbit?
  5. Bigspoondude Founder

    Go sit at Thump Dump and watch for a bit. You will see Thumpers come and go.
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    Yup. And they'll also call out coordinates to where they should be sent.
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  7. Highrisk AMD Operator

    Highrisk agrees.
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    You're cupcaketing me. Really?

    Is it not..... highrisk enough?

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    Yup. And some lady will say "Hey, I'm hearing that they didn't get the thumper, did you guys get the coordinates right?" And some guy will say Oilspill for some reason. Nothing else. Just Oilspill. Dunno why.
  10. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Do you guys know that i spent an entire hour on top of the thump dump tower listening to NPC thumper dialogues:D. It was fun and sad(their jobs are so boring compared to oilspills:()

    Also i swear i read a thread with the same title and context a month ago:eek:
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  11. albireohawk Commander

    Maybe they're just stating Oilspill's name because, they hate him? :>
  12. Bigspoondude Founder

    Whoa. Deja vou.
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    I love the view from up there, and I agree with the OP about it being poorly defended.

    Not much in Firefall has much of a military defensive nature about it. I think Thump would be a great place to give it a try.

    Berm walls, razor wire on the top, Sentry's at the gate, emplaced weapons for defense.
    Drop pad near the sim tower for ferry service to Copa and SH.
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    If you pay attention closely, you can hear Oilspill targeting players with thumpers.
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    I wouldn't mind having areas of importance requiring player intervention in case of being taken over by Chosen to get players normal activities back up and running. Would make it feel like more of a living breathing world with consequences etc.

    It would have to be tuned correctly, so few people can reclaim it in case it's an offpeak time etc, maybe dynamically scale up the difficulty with more players joining.
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    I agree with the idea of losing thumpdump = no thumpers until it's taken back. Mostly because of how mad it would make all the sifted earth hoarders at xp valley, but partially because that's where thumpers launch from and return to. What, the Chosen are helpfully sending us thumpers when they control the place as an expression of their deep and abiding love for humanity and their solidarity with our cause? Erm, no. They want us as meat for the melding. They enjoy peeling the flesh from our bones. Our jawbones are pokemon to them ...why would they ever help us?

    Call in a thumper when the chosen own thumpdump, you should get a drop pod or two to your location instead. Or some kind of Accord-slaying drone deployed in your immediate vicinity.
  17. 01Zed Founder

    I actually spend quite a lot of time up in that region defending towers, thumping and killing bounties. One of my favorite hang outs. The glide from the top is excellent.

    Also a hop skip and a jump from Baneclaw runs
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    As much as I like the game, Oilspill just rubs me the wrong way. I have personally repaired enough crashed thumpers to ensure he won't be seeing a paycheck for the next year......yet he still sounds so exited.

    They need to fire him and put the guy in my pic in charge. He's all business.
  19. Talanvore Storm Rider

    If you get the sin imprints in the area you find out Thumpdump is a giant railgun that was the only cheap way to get things to space before the megacorps invested in a space elevator... but the space elevator got taken out by the melding so the kook who bought the forgotten gun is making a killing now. Thumpdump should definitely be more important.
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    I'd support making thumpers stop working if Thump Dump was invaded. Go throw up a suggestion and I'll pass it some votes
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