Dreadnaught tier 3 ?

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    I see in tier tier 2 some weapons are tier 1 plus all the weapons are not 1/2 as powerful as the choosen weapons and it takes most of your ammo to kill anything. also you need a ton of resoucres to up grade battle frame an weapons not much of an upgrade Now will their be a tier 3 an will you get better weapons and armor. what up ?
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    You got no clue what is happening do you.

    Here are some quick TL;DR

    -PvP and PvE are being split, so pve wont effect pvp and pvp wont effect pve.

    -PvP is getting regulation gear, there might be a fun zone for pve gear to be used in instanced pvp just like now.

    -New crafting system will be added, there will be durability on items we dont know what items or costs, but it will be repair once fully, next time you will need to repair it will be sooner, and you keep doing that untilt he weapon breaks and you need to craft a new one, costs? seems cheap so it might feel pointless however, we dont know much really.

    -PvE Tier system is being scrapped, so you can start progressing from scratch individual frames, start as firecat for example and progress through its entire tech.

    And open beta weekend is inbound.
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    SURPRISE.....Now faint and fall down.....NOW
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