Turret Mode?

Discussion in 'Battleframe Discussion' started by Xoriah, Jul 19, 2013.

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    So, I was playing with a fellow Dreadnaught, and he had an ability called "Turret Mode" he said he research? I have no clue how he craft it, other than he said he did? Is there a list of all abilities? So, I can figure out what they are and migrate towards the ones I like?

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    I don't play dread so dunno which one of the frames it's under but first thing you research is base 'frame name'....so base electron .......base firecat etc. this will allow you to make the first Tier of abilities for a frame. I have no idea if turret mode is accord , rhino or mammoth
  3. Noktra Commander

    All class archetypes have 2 additional craftable abilities available to all battleframes in PvE only. They're usually listed under the accord version of craftable gear. You'll have to research it first.
  4. munya Stellar Ponies

    Research "Base Dreadnaught". Should then appear under the build > battleframe equipment > Dreadnaught > Accord Dreadnaught.