Unleash Your Arsenal Weekend! [Now Complete]

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by JBWill, May 27, 2014.

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  1. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    Omnidyne retakes the spotlight this week with their response to Astrek’s high-powered Rhino frame, the Arsenal. From Friday, May 30th at 5pm PDT until Monday, June 2nd at 5pm PDT, you can try the Arsenal for free and buy it with Red Beans at a 25% discount if you like it. All players will also get an XP bonus when using the Arsenal (please see the important update below).

    Click here for more information
    FR | DE


    Due to a technical issue, we are unable to turn on a 50% XP boost for the Arsenal battleframe. We sincerely apologize for this, and have instead turned on a 25% XP boost for all battleframes for this weekend. The Arsenal will still be available for a free trial this weekend, as well as being on sale for 75 Red Beans. We are currently working on updating the blog and in-game ads with this information.

    We again apologize for this issue, and we thank you for your continued support. Enjoy the global bonus!
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  2. Daergar Field Marshal

    Sweet, all set to sail into tier 4 with mine, omnom!
  3. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

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  4. Vanquish_ Arbiter

    Does this mean that the Arsenal will get a design pass when ktav gets time just like all the other frames? Sad to see Xenogenic go, but I really want the other the remaining frames reworked asap! :)
  5. Azazil Holmgang Champion

    What is this? Planet of the Apes?
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  6. #6
    Excellent, I've been working on it recently. Time to make it flippin' awesome!

    Nokzen, You seem a little obsessed with the Arsenal. Just sayin'.
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    Well, the Arsenal was the frame I was planning to get next anyway, so this is perfect!
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    Hehehehe My Arsenal Frame is maxed already. And I do not need anymore XP I have enough XP for the Arsenal Frame like around 16 million XP and still growing.

    I wish I could transfer some of that XP to other frames I have that need to be also maxed if it can be done please red :red5:

    If not it is going to be unused XP worth nothing to me and to others that have maxed their frame.
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    *Raises hands in exuberance* YEEEEEEEEEEES! Finally the week I've been hoping for. I'm so close to finishing my Arsenal, this will probably be the perfect chance to do that. Whoot.
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  11. CCal Commander

    Oh nice, Time to max that Arsenal.

    btw, is it me or does the male Arsenal look fat? :confused:
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    only those worthy get to play the raptor

    /buy it, its completely worth it
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  13. Fooni Commander


  14. fipmip The Gun Show

    fo shizzle where is the recon love
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  15. Nalessa Black Cats

    Awsenal, yayyyyy!
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    if you look at the new you you can find multiple faces like that
  17. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    YES ARSENAL FTW !!! :) but ...
    not this weekend, I doubt I will have time :(

    [IMG] [IMG]
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  18. Krhys Commander

    The Grinch who stole my battleframe?
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  19. Dr. Bacterial Unbroken


    so, yet another +85% xp weekend :p
  20. GanosLal Mentor

    Yeah.... Arsenal EXP Weekend.... wait.... nooooo! I have maxed this Frame.... argh!
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