Update Notes for 1.7: Devil's Due

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by FadedPez, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Thank you for replying!
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  2. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    Dropship Down has a missing NPC - the injured pilot.
  3. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    The DT zone event seems to be bugged. The rescue stage doesn't seem to restart after a failed mission.
    As a great deal of DT content is based around this mission, this means there isn't a great deal to do. Please fix this.
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    I couldn't help buut notice that crafting was not in the notes. I love to be supportive, especially when it comes to this game, but that saddens me.

    Also, are there still plans for 1.8-2.0?
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  5. 若爱别离 Spartan

    no problem
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    Anyone else lose all their levels?

    I was an 86 nighthawk, now at log-in I am 66, and in game only a level 40. Do I really have to level all over again? Do I get reimbursed for the "xp" bonuses I used? What happens to perks and point when you lose 46 levels?...not sure what my stats were a few days ago.

    I know you guys are working hard and I appreciate the quality of the game play.

  8. Kryptex The Wave

    once you hit 45 you start leveling from 66 again.
    Going down to 66 from 86 was them retroactively applying the XP curve.
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  9. Kryptex The Wave

    As for stats, you should get a free respec to choose all your stats again - and you got refunded all RB spent on rerolls.
    Protip - don't choose items/money from ER. You dont get the points back in future respecs.
    Also, you keep perks, bandwidth, frames, PR from version 1.6 ER, AND get the points back.
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    rip greatness
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