Vending Machines: Summary of Items Available

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    This information is out of date as of 1.0
    This thread is to both compile the possible results of the Vending Machines, and since many of the items are tradable, allow people to see what they could be purchasing beforehand.

    Gold Tokens are 30 Red Beans

    Silver Tokens can be crafted for 2 Silver, 5000 gas, 5000 biologicals, 25 000 Crystite and 10 Crystalline Crystite Engines

    The Rare items come "Packaged" to access them you have to "Unwrap" them. These packages can be found in the Rewards section of your Calldown menu. Activating them with 5 unlocks them and they can then be found in the relevant place.

    WARNING! On the PTS there was nothing stopping you unwrapping something you already had.

    This post will get edited a lot

    Rare Items
    Visual Kits

    Visual Kits come with a Permanent Warpaint, a Decal and a Title

    Tiger Stripe from scaminatrix
    Digi Camo from scaminatrix

    Pollack from FWarg

    "_______ Gear"

    [IMG]Viking Helm from Dr.Dalek
    More to come..
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    • [IMG]
    • [IMG]
    • [IMG][IMG]
    • [IMG]
    Call downs
    • [IMG]
    • Recharging Fireworks (obrigado)
      • Visual effect same as fireworks available from Luau Larry. 600 second recharge
    • [IMG]
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    As usual information and pictures from PTS was correct at time of writing
    More examples here. Eye Gear.

    Mouth slot gear

    Crystal Skull
    From FadedPez shown here

    The Fedora has warpaint colour matching. Currently allow hair but has serious clipping issues.

    The Hunter has Colour Matching (possible bugged ATM) It will remove hair

    Picture by IAmJohnGalt more here. Has some clipping issues with the nose.

    Head Gear. Has Colour Matching (possibly bugged). Does not remove hair, small Clipping problems with certain hairstyles

    More here. Phantom is a Mouth Gear instead of the expected Eye Gear. It removes both Eye Gear and Facial Hair. It fits better on some face over others.

    Visual Kits
    Visual Kit: Iceman
    Image by ckterine. More to see here
    Visual Kit: Purple Haze
    Image by ckterine. More to see here

    Recharging Manufacturing Terminal
    Image posted by Thehink Here

    Rechargeable Sonic Detonator
    - 10 second cooldown

    Recharging Small Health Pack
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    i got a fire warpaint.
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    humans as pets... r5 endorses slavery?
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  6. LuvList Master Blaster

    probably meant as a tropical spirit more than anything.

    also cool stuff.The headgear screeny coming?
  7. EntropyRising Mentor

    FireAshes got a Fire Paint :p:rolleyes:

    If you can get me a Pic Ill chuck it up there, also if it's a visual kit can I get the title and what the Decal looks like cheers
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    My IGN is CrimsonAshes. I NEED CRMISON!!! but red is fine :p
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    Get on the test server so i can show you
  10. Popped Fuse Field Marshal

    I enjoy this. +1

    P.S I MUST obtain the black cat warpaint.
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  11. Curandero Arbiter

    Are those unlocks from silver or gold coins? (or it doesn't matter?)
  12. Popped Fuse Field Marshal

    doesn't matter you just have a better chance of getting the "ultra rare" items with gold.
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    I hope I can get some diet pills for my arsenal battleframe.....
  14. McFini Skullbane

    :eek: Must... Get. Black Cat Paint!!! Hell, the Thunderbirds, Rampaging Raiders and The Wave options look damn good too!!!

    Where's that meme, where's that meme?!? Oh hell, shadup and take all my money!!!

    It's also just occurred to me, the guy in the Wave coloured armour... he looks kinda fat. That Sumo-esque belt doesn't do anything for his figure... :p
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  15. -Taihaku- Black Cats

    Damn i want that T.O.P pet...its just like ur own R2D2 xD
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  16. Snehonja Lieutenant

    Quick question: can you get the visual packs with silver coins, or do you have to pay gold ones? And if you get things you already have, is there a way to do something with it (like trading, selling, ...)? 'cause there is really nothing you gain from having one warpaint three times... that dould not be a problem if it wouldn't cost real money, but gold coins actually do.
  17. Lucasus Beta Vanguard

    Nice, I am quite excited for more obtainable cosmetics. I see the they are Rare. So... I guess they are probably quite difficult to obtain? Darn...
  18. EntropyRising Mentor

    Pretty much everything you are seeing, except for black cat, Spitfires and Master blaster we obtained using silvers, including the pets. It only just now that they gave us a bunch of Red Beans so I have a lot to do.

    You are supposed to be able to trade them, but on the PTS it doesn't appear to be possible there might be some problems. Many of the items come packaged so they appear in your call down first, then when you select them and hit 5 they are unlocked or added to the relevant call down menu. So If you get multiples hold on to them by the level of interest shown here you might be able to make some serious bank off them, or hold off playing until trading is properly implemented.
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    TOP on his icon has a little Top hat, [IMG], Once again Red5 is keeping us from the dapper hats. :( :p
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  20. McFini Skullbane

    Lulz top hats... What about bowler hats!?!

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