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    Because I am a nice person.

    Edited: 18/07/2014

    New Eden, Coral Forest

    Copacabana ARES Supplies (Level 1-5) - Supply Officer Cross (-325, -425)
    (level 1)
    - 100 cv | 1-Use Glider Pad Calldown 25x
    - 100 cy | Ammo Pack
    Refills primary weapon
    - 100 cy | Health Pack Small
    Heals 20% of Max. HP

    Primary Weapon:
    (level 5 | 20 cv | pr: 7 | m: r/y)
    - Acension v1.05 (Assault & adv.)
    - Therma Enas Class (Firecat)
    - Landry v1.05 (Tigerclaw)
    - Helorus Enas Class (Biotech & adv.)
    - Heraklion Enas Class (Dragonfly)
    - Semasus Enas Class (Recluse)
    - Iberia v0.5 (Dreadnaught & adv.)
    - Morehouse v1.05 (Arsenal)
    - Tangipahoa v1.05 (Mammoth)
    - Caddo v1.05 (Rhino)
    - Djembe Destruction Grade (Engineer & adv.)
    - Hail i5 (Bastion)
    - Mulungu Destruction Grade (Electron)
    - Vermillion v1.05 (Recon & adv.)
    - Natchitoches v.105 (Nighthawk)
    - Livingston v1.05 (Raptor)

    Secondary Weapon:
    (level 5 | 20 cv | pr: 7 | m: r/y)
    - Septu Harmful-Grade (Sub Machine Gun)
    - Mk.1 Firol (Assault Rifle)
    - Rhodes Enas Class (Burst Rifle)
    - Mk. 1 Kalad (Grenade Launcher)
    - Blitzer Um Serie (Shotgun)

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  2. Sayan Descended Into Hell

    LGV parts falling out of crashed ones since they first appeared.
    :red5:: craftable LGV is here, let's add vendors with new parts for it.

    Also I want pics of all new glider effects.
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  3. LoPhatKao Commander

    kinda hoping all the junk we've gotten from crashed lgv's turns into the new parts
    doubt it, but a person can dream ;)
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    So it either has a 1-time use or a permanent item? What can those items be? Any of the other available pack items? Like the Diamond Wings if you are really lucky?
  5. SpringField Field Marshal

    1-time use or a permanent item(very rare) are:
    - T.E.X. Leash
    - Crystalwing Gliderpad
    - Cobra LGV
    - Diamondwing Gliderpad
    - Angel Wing Gliderpad

    if I am not missing anything.
  6. LurchInTheUSA Founder

    Got to try out those Gliderpads, as I tend to use those over ground vehicles.

    Anybody know if they are better than the standard pads you deploy, or use at watch towers?
  7. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    we were in stonewall one bright sunny day

    squad leader found purple up in thump dump

    3 people did alpha glides

    I took the lgv - the long way

    got there with enough time to read the forums before they arrived
  8. SpringField Field Marshal

    Heads up!

    +[R5S]FadedPez_ • Spring, I believe the total final cost will be around 200k, so potentially 50k a piece
    +[R5S]FadedPez_ • That's what I heard, anyway
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  9. chippetychaps Defender of Humanity

    Doesn't Luisa still sell Stock Burst Rifles? lolnope

    This list is fab, thank you!
  10. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    lol now that's funny, they must have hit something or that long way wasn't so long. :p
  11. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord


    lgv much faster than gliders
  12. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    If they don't know how to fly faster than an LGV. :p Seen gliders out run LGVs on several occasions so I know it can be done, but yes LGVs normally are faster.
  13. Jekotia Commander

    Gliders are better for long-distance transport where all you want to do is arrive at the destination, though. Being able to launch from a very high point and then glide in a straight line while AFK is convenient.
  14. SpringField Field Marshal

    updated 1/4 poi.
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    not seeing Jato or Leticia Delgado anywhere in the game
  16. Darth Aratron Commander


    Did you see that in the vendor or did you copy it from the notes - i did not have that option.
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    Remember, you need the level 3 upgrades in order to spawn these people.

    Thanks for this list!
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  18. weirding Apex Predator

    Maybe if it's non-permanent (durability perhaps).
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    There you go, trans-hub sales. Yay for maxed out Recluse.

    EDIT: Sunken Harbor, too.
  20. Drake84pl Marshmallow