Vote now for the "For Freedom's Sake" pet name (Poll Now Closed)

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What would you like this pet to be named?

Poll closed Jul 2, 2014.
Scrappy (Submitted by -Minosha-) 24 vote(s) 12.2%
Rusty (Submitted by Souperior) 69 vote(s) 35.2%
Glitch (Submitted by Ether_Obsidious) 72 vote(s) 36.7%
Rustbolt (Submitted by SqueekinOrka) 12 vote(s) 6.1%
Heap (Submitted by Phaser Rave) 19 vote(s) 9.7%
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  1. SkaDude Community Specialist

    Attention pilots! The voting is now closed and the winner can be viewed above. We will officially announce the winner in an upcoming blog on July 11th. Thank you all for participating!

    Heyo everyone! It is now time to vote for your favorite name for this little robot!


    Thank you for all the awesome submissions you have sent us over the past two weeks. While we had lots of awesome submissions, we've narrowed down the options to our top 5 picks. Voting will close on Wednesday, July 2nd, so make sure to select your favorite before then.

    **Note** Please keep in mind we only accepted the first submission a player entered as well as we may have removed "."s from the middle of the name as to give it a simplified name.
  2. PedroBeear Founder

    Why cant these have an attack feature?
  3. FadedPez Community Manager

    +1 Teabot 5000
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  4. SkaDude Community Specialist

    +12 Pezbot9000
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  5. Phaser Rave Founder

    Wow, mine made the list. ^^
    All are good choices.
  6. #6
    how did rex not make the list for names with the most likes in the thread?

    its page 1, post #8
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  7. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    Woot! Lets go RUSTY!
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  8. Ellscry Commander

    *cough* Glitch was a key tool in the show Reboot.

    Man I feel like a nerd now...:p
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  9. Merveilleux Red 5 Studios

    Go Heap Go! ... They're all great names :)
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  10. OrionStyles Founder

    Seriously, the name did not follow the T.E.X / T.O.P naming convention?

    I agree, R.E.X needs to be the winner, not even put to a vote.
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  11. Souperior Holmgang Champion

    I put R.U.S.T.Y. They turned it into Rusty.
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  12. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard


    I should too. :(
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  13. #13
    I am totally agree with Orionstyle, i have to say before that my sugestion was just for fun, but will be great that the name will be a continuation of the other 2 precesors, anyway all are awesome names for the pet, but like a dropship pilot flying over SH at the passing.
  14. DarkByke Founder

    I'm pretty sure his arm would break off.
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  15. QuisUtDeus Holmgang Champion

    I vote R.E.X. Is there a reason for its absence?
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  16. PedroBeear Founder

    repair beam from tesla should heal him right? right? I cant lose him.
  17. SkaDude Community Specialist


    Since we want to eventually have more types of pets released and we want to have names for them we'll have to start picking new names that break the mold at some point. I personally think the names that were picked are pretty awesome choices...and Glitch is an adorable name. *Stuffs ballot box*
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  18. #18
    that would be great, except isn't this just a reskin of T.E.X.? that's not really breaking the mold, is it? so why not include the most popular name from the previous thread?
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  19. QuisUtDeus Holmgang Champion

    I see your point, but if R.E.X is what players want...

    I digress, mind answering one more question? Why don't any of the rewards have beta in their name. BETA seems to be the most appropriate name for R.E.X, in my opinion.
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  20. lain_1 Mentor

    awww my name was rejected :(
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