Warpaints Guide (including new visual kit unlocks!)

Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by SihaElle, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Lovely work, thanks for putting it together!

    Quick spelling error for Omnicon warpaint: 'Cost: Free/5 Domnidyne-M Tokens.'
  2. SihaElle Fan Site MVP

    Lies! You have no proof! *cough*

    Thanks for catching that. :)
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  3. Rapitor Beta Vanguard

    Thunderbirds seem to be missing from the list, but other 'team' paints like blood falcons are there
  4. Craseder Dreadnaught Specialist

    Are you talking about the Simulator? There is a post in this thread about that. The Sim has not been updated yet. Other team warpaints (like blood falcons) are up there because they've been in the game as "Bean Paints" for ages. Others like Black Cat are new. If you are talking about the actual list, not the sim, it's the very last in the "kits" section.

    Speaking of the Sim, will Armor/Bodysuit patterns be added in the future?
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    Wonderful wonderful job! Keep it up Astrek!
  6. SihaElle Fan Site MVP

    That's a bit trickier to accomplish as there are so many potential combinations of patterns + frame + warpaint. We're still thinking about how to implement something like that, but we're definitely planning to cover patterns as well.
  7. CptFancyPants The Gun Show

    This is exactly what the "gotta have 'em all" warpaint collector in me needed.

    I'm going to wreck that vending machine when I get home from PAX.
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  8. Sylvanna Cupcake

  9. Shadowyc Beta Vanguard

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed.
  10. Faeryl Founder

    Thank you Siha and Kristakis! As always Astrek Association ROCKS!!! :cool:
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  11. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    ZOMG gotta grind that accord bio

    need "Mad Scientist"
  12. Morgado WMD

    Just checking in to let Kristakis and Siha know that the fixes Kristakis put in for the warpaint browser code worked. Everything in the viewer is fully functional here on the same IE8 platform that I was previously getting the errors on. Thanks a bunch for this great guide and utility.
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    Seems to work much better in IE7 now. Only problem now is stoping myself from using it at work hehehe
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    Any chance to get Black Cats added to the viewer? Or the Arsenal :-D
  15. SihaElle Fan Site MVP

    From the original post: "For the moment, the Warpaints Browser doesn't show the new warpaints or the Arsenal frame, but again, we'll be adding them ASAP." :)
  16. BALLGASS Master Blaster

    Great guide and a very nice job but why in the warpaint browser not blackcats ? or i'm not seeing it ?
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    Question about the Arsenal titel - since I m no native english speaker:
    Is WMD the actual titel...does it mean anything? or is it Without Momentary Decision?
  18. InVermilion Master Blaster

    It means Weapon of Mass Destruction, and I assume it uses the acronym because it's too long otherwise.
  19. SihaElle Fan Site MVP

    As I said in the post literally above yours:

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