Ways to make Crystite

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    Just wondering what the best / quickest ways to make crystite are?
    I have the XPs to get into tier 2, but no where near the CY.
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    There are only 2 ways. One is to kill enemies. The other is you can refine your other resources into Crystite.

    Crystite Refining Process 1 and 2. Just below the Sifted Earth Refining.
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    Thump. Thump. Thump.
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    Mobs drop the stuff, and there are Crystite Refining processes, where you convert Crystite hybrids into pure seed Crystite.

    I wish there was a specialized thumper that was capable of harvesting pure Crystite though. That would make one's income much more stable.
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    Crystite Refining 2 uses 500 of any resource you choose and in 15 min typical gives anywhere from 500-600 Crystite. I've made the majority of my crystite this way.
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    Cool - thanks folks - will get onto the refining.
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    why didnt the cash shop have more crafting slots? why? i could be making 2000-2400 per hour by now.

    that and a rock smashing scan hammer that used sonic detonators as ammo for breaking rocks
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    OK this is a stale thread. You can gain rewards--these rewards include Crystite--also with side missions, melding tornados, ARES missions, and instance missions like Blackwater Anomaly. However, most of the crystite obtained from these activities are not the completion rewards but rather are produced as either loot or as other resources that must be refined.
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  10. StormWing0 Beta Vanguard

    lol sell high Q resources and low Q resources on the market and you'll get full value instead of half value for what you are getting. :p Fastest way for someone with lots of resources to get rid of them and get CY in return if they price things right. :p
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    thump lots of whites and green then refine them, then convert into cy then thump again
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    Usually listing on the market 1:1 goes near instantly. Refining is 2:1. Bad! No refining!
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    I thought cy refining was 4:1
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    Is it? Well, even more reason not to
  15. CookieDuster Commander

    Cy refining gives 0.5cy per unit, on the marketplace you can get at least 0.7 per; large stacks come and go fast.
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    I've been buying up all the blues that cost less than 0.9/units

    except the the 708q toxins, I already have 50k of that
  17. Maynerd Mad Scientist

    Some T4 components sell for around 1:1 ratio... check out what t4 you can make and try selling some componenets
  18. Shoogli Arc Runner


    I have one question about this : isn't the sell price tied to the quality also ?
    I thought it was like that but maybe I'm mistaken.
  19. Maynerd Mad Scientist

    yar it is tied to quality... but greens are close to 1:1 and i think whites are close to .6ish so either way quick than straight refining
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