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  1. TCheetah Big Game Hunter

    Oh... at least, I Need TDM farm!
    just for xp...(oh and all those cool loot including the gloder...)

    10 ppl is soo hard to find... and for some reasons, ppl just don't want to play tdm..., whild yelling that there's no perma glider...

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  2. KnucklesSkills Field Marshal

    if you can squad up 8 other ppl count me in !
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    I can launch 6 accounts
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  4. Gnubee Bird of Prey

    TCheetah, have you tried different zones for players?
    There are a couple like |XA|HeiNRicH who would prob pull a couple of alts in - just make it clear you want to FARM it ;)
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    I could, but getting all the alts to accept in time gets flaky. Then they get afk kicked or something and stuff goes bananas.
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    I'd be more than happy to get a more games in of TDM. I've been itching to play anything like firefall but such games don't exist. Em8er says no pvp and Global Agenda has been gone for awhile.
  7. TCheetah Big Game Hunter

    the saddest thing is.. my computer broke down, and will not comes back before February......
    damnit :(
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    make PVP great again! no but really 2013 firefall had some great pvp and thats what i spent most of my time doing but then they decided to mess it all up.
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  9. Gnubee Bird of Prey


    That's only 3 days away... ;)
  10. TCheetah Big Game Hunter

    [quoIe="Gnubee, post: 112742482, member: 9509721"]That's only 3 days away... ;)[/quote]
    and i have lost 3000 credits there lol
  11. BunnyHunny Centurion

    console command:
    "matchQueue.autoAccept 1"

    You have to refresh the command every time you restart the game client (or log in and out, not sure).
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    I can try that.
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    How is the PvP these days
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    TDM was working last night so going for it again tonight- 8th feb 2017
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  16. GrannySmith! Founder

    I'll join later!
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    I'm going to try and stay queued for both when I'm on.
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    Game is dead!!!!Game is wonderfull more
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    I'll tell you what you need you need this and i guarantee you will be happy like a little girl with the best toy house in the land

    Em8er is a project that will turn heads you think i am kidding check it out for yourself spread the word easy to find search on the internet once you see it you will believe

    yours sincerely