Weekly Community Poll: Event Rewards (May 8, 2014)

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In regards to in-game events, which of these rewards are most important to you?

Poll closed May 15, 2014.
Title 9 vote(s) 3.9%
Cosmetic 120 vote(s) 51.7%
Pet 11 vote(s) 4.7%
Bragging rights 12 vote(s) 5.2%
Item 58 vote(s) 25.0%
Other (let us know what it is via a public reply to the thread) 22 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. FrostedBranFlakes Lead Community Manager Emeritus

    Hello Firefall Fans!

    Starting this week, and typically each Thursday going forward, we'd like to post a weekly poll. The questions may be game related, out-of-game related (e.g. Firefall Live, forum events, etc.), or possibly even something completely different. One thing is for certain: we'd love for you to participate!

    You can find this week's community poll above, and we welcome you to discuss the question and results in this thread. (Updated!) The poll will remain open until the next poll is posted, but discussion can continue for as long as you'd like.

    Have fun!

    The Firefall Team
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  2. PetraBlaze Mentor

    Could you define in-game event please? Is it a hosted event, dynamic event, ares or an instanced area?
  3. ss_tidestride Apex Predator

    Title - not too terrible but eh, theres already an overwhelming amount of titles available, heres an idea for you, how about giving out partial titles that can be combined - like cosmetic items? One title could be "herald", the other could be "decay", together they form the recluse title "Herald of decay", let the players chose and mix and match their titles, no?

    I'm for hire by the way, moving on;

    Cosmetic - ideal
    Pet - pets are currently both worthless and underwhelming
    Bragging rights - this is a byproduct of having any of the other options
    Item - would be exploited to get a broken item or the item would much too quickly become either staple or obsolete
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  4. FadedPez Community Manager


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  5. PetraBlaze Mentor

    It depends on the event so I cannot vote for anyone because different rewards tend to work better for different events.
    Items work great for ares or just about anything, but a title should be hard to earn and require time effort and possibly doing an event multiple times before it is earned/unlocked.
    Pets work well for events that are centered around a specific creature such as the Kestrel Nest event or the past rumored Antarctica bronto event.
    Cosmetics such as warpaints do well for hosted events or extremely rare events such as the change from closed beta to open beta or from open beta to release *wink wink*
    Bragging rights is always a reward for doing anything.
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    Er, so how is an "event" different from an ARES mission or Thumping? Is this poll just asking what we want as rewards for all in-game activities, or are "events" something different?
  7. Vidrak Commander

    Ummm. I picked "Other", and would choose all of the above. It would be cool to see a large variety of rewards for a variety of events.

    An ARES mission in itself does not deserve a cosmetic reward, as you do them all the time and are pretty easy overall. Maybe a title or something for completing many of them? The reward has to match the event, basically.

    Overall, I would say I like cosmetic rewards more than anything else (as you can put them on display, so they are basically like visual bragging rights/achievements). Plus, cosmetic variation also promotes player uniqueness more than the other choices.

    But again, that doesn't mean I would not like to see item/title/whatever rewards also.
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  8. PetraBlaze Mentor

    Just taking a wild guess here, but that is your probable answer as you asked an OR question.
  9. CosmicD Mentor

    I voted other because somehow I feel that the adventure to be had is partially to find unlockables that make progression

    I found the "environment keys" mission of last year very satisfying, much more so than we have now an open map that we just have to click

    I DO understand that we need to have open access to certain important areas that are going to be subjected to melding repulsion, or some campaign missions that drive the main game forward but I feel that some things should be locked, and ingame events are going to be appealing more if you can find rewards that are unlockable.

    I found the diamond head meteor shower mission very satisfying, to find components and keys crucial to objectives such as finding a key, or maybe even finding important research blueprints for item mods. Such as with the space modulator in BW.

    More of this should be attached to important events in the world.
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  10. JBWill Web Content Coordinator

    The emphasis of the question isn't on the type of event, it's on the reward :) Regardless of where you get it from, what kind of rewards are most valuable to you?
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  11. JustaChoob Mentor

    Other: Because there was no option for all of the above!

    I like it all!!!! then i'll have all the bragging rights and still looking pretty!~

    are these choices available: Hovercraft? 2man lgvs? (I'll collect the parts or something to craft it, just ... make it happen :p <or just magically drop it in my inventory, that works too!>)

    Much love <3

  12. forbisjunk Black Cats

    I voted other because of how the game is playing right now. Why? Because resources are so important right now. We have no idea if this is changing. To be fair we have no idea what the game is going to be like after this huge patch, so we can not answer this question properly. If gameplay is the same as now, then I vote items. Seriously, we know a re-work of progression is coming but, we have no information on this change.
    (Edit) on my phone.
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  13. a vehicle Mentor

    No multi-vote? I picked cosmetic because it's been the incentive that doesn't wreck the power curve like an item, isn't trivial like a title, and pets -- well I have enough pets already (the old pets need to die of durability old-age until I feel the need to get a new one). Bragging rights is totally ambiguous as to what it entails. For example, are you talking about walking into a city and having the citizens congratulate you? If so, it'd be a nice, subtle reward that'd make the world feel more alive.

    Here's my suggestion for "Other": if, for example, I save a dropship pilot, will he or she offer me a free ride back to town? Part of what I love about Firefall is it's a living world, and it's the little stuff like that sells to me.
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    I think those count as items, so yes, they are available in the poll.
  15. Ellohir Commander

    I would have liked to have multiple choice here, but anyway...

    As someone said pets are really underwhelming. I have a lot of them. I like Tex, Nanu and Boon-Boon, but I can only have one of them around and only when I'm just standing (they can't follow the LGV or glider). The Merch is a nice in-joke but it's just a flying grey plastic bag. And the baby kestral just... I don't know, it's not cute. It's not cute and not impressive so it's kinda just there.

    So I've voted cosmetics. Because I think the Chosen Mask and the Cowboy Hat from the achievements are just awesome, even when I don't have them. And I'd love to have some free warpaints / patterns to combine with the rest of the cosmetics.
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  16. Drake84pl Marshmallow

    I personally understood that the question was about rewards from Bigger/Special Events like Blackwater, Baneclaw etc. If you had also ARES missions and wandering encounters in mind then there should be additional answers like: Currency, Resources, but i don't think that Special Events should be put in one bag with ARES missions for example: i would like to get Cosmetics from Bigger Events but not from every ARES mission.
  17. Radec_ War Machine

  18. Viostar Rocketeer

    Item, UNIQUE item. Something I can use as a reward for beating a challenging event. Something that'll tell to everyone "I did (insert event here)"
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    Thanks for the clarification. Items are a chore these days--they all feel like trash, and I have to wait until a special trash day (bonus CY weekends) to get rid of them.

    Cosmetics fit perfectly with the bigger achievements right now, so I suggest bringing back (or increasing?) resources as rewards for ARES.
  20. Vintagevandal Founder

    WTF do you mean by Items? Some description would be nice! :)

    I voted for cosmetics, because that is less ambiguous and very desirable , but i have a feeling Items may have been just as important/wanted lol.

    Edit: Oh and other....as in a metric ton of resources. Thumping is a real brain killer due to it's rather strong side effect of boredom. So getting resources as well from events would be by far more interesting and rewarding.