Weekly LGV Destruction Derby "Herp a Derby" Season 1, 100k total Crystite awarded to the winners!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMaster627, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

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  2. Sniff... in this moment, I am so proud. They grow up so fast...

    I highlighted that part out just now from my stream for the luls. :D

    Plant swimming class, by Yukiarashi
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  3. Varixai Hero of the Accord

    Missed the best part.. at 43:50 in the main video she's shooting the plant "I hate this plant! Kill it!" after which she craters it and the plant captures her!

    So much going on at once though.. Right at that moment the addon RNG generated 42, which Yuki has guessed every other week, right after Yuki said that she didn't guess 42 this week but probably should have..
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  4. McFini Skullbane

    So that's what was going on :p

    You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a plant that wants to eat cratering assaults.

    I think this might be a useful idea for an enemy mob! Let's see people-eating plants :red5:! :)

    Truth be told, I was going to guess 42 because when Master already announced he was going to get the RNG going I had already typed in 29. I thought about switching, first to 42, then 38 but then I figured, no, I'm going to stick with my first instinct.

    Guess, in this one instance, it actually wouldn't have mattered :p

    You say that now, but rest assured, next week I'll promptly get myself eliminated because I drove into someone right out of the starting gate! :D
  5. Yukiarashi Mentor

    -.- i dont know why i play with you people
  6. McFini Skullbane

    Because you:
    1) love us
    2) are crazy
    3) are a glutton for punishment
    4) wanted to stand out after my Fooni-esque hovergliderpad fail
    6) are really crazy
    7) are wondering what happened to number 5.
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  7. Yukiarashi Mentor

    ah...yes. Now I remember.
  8. Hah, I know... wish I realized the whole plant thing was happening since I was busy looking at the RNG stuff at the time, but at least I got the end of it. I think the number is a sign. Something with Yuki and plants will solve the deep mysteries of the universe in the future, it has been foretold!
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  9. Yukiarashi Mentor

    "Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins, just you wait"
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  10. 6 hours 12 min to go... :D
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  11. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    yay can't wait. New Eden Broadcast will be posting about the event ;)
  12. Just a few hours remaining and I finally picked out the main arena. I tried to find one near Copa since I don't think there has been one in the area yet... it is very lengthy, but thinner in general than the last couple of weeks. A good size overall, hopefully the length will allow for some good charges. I can't for the life of me find a nearby finals to use so I'm probably going to go with the mountain one again that we've used a bunch.

  13. Yukiarashi Mentor

  14. For Fini (and anyone else interested in), since they were asked for:
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  15. I keep forgetting that Saturdays are Saturdays :( my memory sucks.
  16. E4gle Commander


    My perspective of week 17 of the Herp A Derby finalists round! I wasn't able to upload the first video (of the main event) taken due to some technical issues with OBS and my mic having been muted in the stream.

    As always, props to TheMaster627, the COG Army and the FireFall community for putting this together!

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdh0Dsd3fe0

    P.S. Sorry if the groupie is a bit inadequate, we'd liked to have had EVERYONE in the picture but herding cats while trying to take a photogenic screenshot is no easy task. Unfortunately, none of Foxx's screencaps came out well so this was the best we had, if you'd like to see the blank image the link is as follows: http://i.imgur.com/qznzzom.jpg
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  17. SnoozinRedPanda Caught in the Crossfire

    Great picture and yay you captured my pose ( /surprise). Looks really awesome. I'll tweet the picture along with the video on New Eden Broadcast if you don't mind :)

    I pretty much go crusin for a brusin! lol I tried to cut off who ever it was but failed miserably haha :p But was great fun.
  18. E4gle Commander

    Sure man, I don't mind!
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  19. Varixai Hero of the Accord


    y'all better to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband...
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