What are your top 3 fears about Firefall going into Open Beta?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phobos, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Phobos Producer

    I'm seeing some concerns out there about this open beta announcement. First, I want to say that it is amazing how many of you are so passionate about Firefall that you are this emotionally invested to even have fears about our development progress. You all are what makes working on Firefall a pleasure and an adventure.

    Now there are a lot of various concerns and questions and I'd like to try to consolidate those to see if we can help alleviate some of those fears. Rather than having long-winded proclamations, try to focus your thoughts down into 3 distinct fears of a sentence or less. I'll start with my own fears...

    1. Not enough content by July to hold players' attention.
    2. Server capacity and scalability for influx of unlimited number of players.
    3. Community team man power to handle potentially millions of new users.
    Now each of my fears are being addressed by the team right now. There are multiple teams working on new content. I've seen some of the new stuff and it's looking really sweet. The tech ops team is constantly working on scalability along with the programmers all working on performance improvements. These are both on-going battles.

    The community team is probably a unique fear to me because that's my responsibility, but we are working on tools for the community to help self-manage. We are hiring a French community person. We will be engaging more volunteer moderators. And we're building tools to make our lives easier overall.

    What are your fears? What would be required of us to make you all feel comfortable with open beta in July?
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  2. LuvList Master Blaster

    Mostly the amount of uninformed people that will be QQ/Complains/Just badmouthing the game in general.Here or out there.

    Secondly the amount of polished contents of course,which is kinda related to my above point.

    EDIT: Oh i just read Top3 fears... damnit

    i guess third will be that :red5: cant deliver everything on time.

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  3. Tronus Commander

    Not enough content by July to hold players' attention.

    I hope this is some of what you mean by content.
    Army Cap raised to 45
    Army Alliances and hostels
    Officer chat for ranked players given permission
    Counter to show who is online and how many are in the army
    Army chest or bank for player to donate materials or money for crafting stuff

    Raise squad cap from 5 to 10 and make Squads able to link with other Squads to become a Platoon.
    The new Crafting UI
    Better calldown menu with hotkeys enabled (more hot bars)
    Character stat page in game!!!! Stat page (see your damage, hp etc)

    Oh and something I think that would be cool they should put in later on is a Raid or group sized dungeon to the Arc to save survives and collect Accord advance tech. Make it a Tower like event. Clear one floor the next opens up. Bosses, events inside the event to go forward.

    That's my only fear. The speed things are going now I don't see anything going open beta till end of the year... Prove me wrong!!!! DO IT
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  4. #4
    More silly threads asking, why the game isn't the same as the one shown in the first trailer?
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  5. CaptainCapslock Founder

    All the new players who don't have the experience with you as we have and don't know where firefall is headed and where it is coming from will cry in /zone or the forums how unfinished the game is etc..
    Know that we, the core of all beta participants, will never let you down :D
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  6. ~sweetcheeks~ Apothecary

    My only fear is that people joining open beta (and a lot of the people already in closed beta) are expecting a game that's 3-6 weeks from "release" I hope you figure out a way to make it very very very clear that the game is still very much in beta despite it transitioning to "open" beta.
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    Popular YouTubers with large followings and high levels of ignorance towards Firefall badmouthing the game and doing the same thing misinformed people on reddit do tenfold.
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  8. anubis4567 Founder

    I'm worried about the expectations of people that will be coming in when it goes into Open Beta. For the most part that usually means its pretty much release, which is most certainly not the case here. Its going to be really difficult to explain how very much "beta" the game is.
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  9. #9
    1. Fear is the mindkiller, so let's have as little of that as possible.

    2. That the influx of new players will leave before they surmount the learning-curve ( still a tad steep IMHO ), grumbling as they go...

    3. That the need to accommodate said influx will cause a "watering-down" of Firefall.
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  10. Eptica Beta Vanguard

    People that complains within a day of playing.
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  11. Nokzen Descended Into Hell

    1. A bit worried about maybe you guys gonna push content out in the game too fast (rushed isent good) with the "deadline"
    2. The zone not big enough to support many players (if many players will come)
    3. Also one of your concerns, can servers handle it. Even now AI already seems to have BIG problems.
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  12. Tronus Commander

    ok Dune
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    I'll miss that sense of doing something ...secret, something sexy, the feel of creating. People out there in the world still think firefall beta is an "extremely closed one", and i feel proud being a part of this secret gang. when ff goes live.... well... i think the party is over and we're all gonna be mixed with all the new players... and that is my fear.
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  14. Brezals Beta Commando

    Well what I hope to see when open beta starts are following:
    Great tutorial that teaches the player about what do to, like crafting, how all stepps towards crafting the simple to the most advanced items.
    It should also teach the player about what the whole game is about. they shouldn't ask question as a few I see today as "No quests?" "where do I see my level?" "Are there 5 man dungeons?"
    Those questions should be answered in the tutorial, so if that isn't in the game when open beta starts it could be very bad.

    I said this in another thread, and going to say it again.
    At the moment, most players see this game as very grindy. They aren't incorrect, but they aren't 100% correct aswell.
    Before open beta, most players should se this game as not being a big grind.
    If this isn't the case when open beta starts, it could be very bad.
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    Guilty as charged, m'lord...
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    1. Tech state of the game not being up to par
    2. Game turning into a power-based MMORPG with aiming (current crafting lacks depth as it gives no gameplay variety, as such forcing people to grind for boring power increases. Thus system is bad, but sadly most profitable easiest to profit from, as it's nothing new and players expect it)
    3. Game being too "loose". Even now, though 0.6 did improve in that particular area a lot, game feels like a bunch of features stuffed together. It doesn't feel like a complete system. Thumping/Chosen/PvP/ARES/Dynamic missions, all that doesn't feel whole. Here is a thread i created that might help to tie some of this up, but it won't be enough.
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    ^ This
    and people disregarding Firefall just because its been in beta for so long.
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    1. Closed Beta era testers having their feedback get lost in the sea of new players.

    2. Community meltdown. To some degree this always happens with the transitions between closed and open beta and launch.

    3. Critical show stopping bug popping up in the first week of Open Beta bringing everything crashing down with wave of DOOOOOOM! posts.
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    1. The old community and new community being overly hostile towards each other. Old flaming/being condescending towards new players for complaining about something that they may not understand or giving negative feedback in general (this already happens though) and generally feeling they are more important than the new players.

    2. New players having a bad first impression due to bugs and the unfinishedness of the game, spreading negative "reviews" through word of mouth. Most MMOs that are open beta are basically finished products and they just do it because it seems like something they should/have to do, Firefall is far from that.

    3. Server instability/lag, and the rest of the points Phobos mentioned.


    My number 1 is I guess my major concern because I know it's going to happen. Firefall forums have been mostly constructive which is why I enjoy lurking around and contributing myself. Open hostility from old -> new or new -> old members will make the forums unappealing to me.

    To make me comfortable would require that any server issues are at the very least fixed before then because thousands of new players flooding in will make it infinitely worse if it's not fixed. Another major content patch, perhaps tutorials for more things (the resource map, unlocking new frames, constraint explanations, just general info you might find on the forums in-game), iron out most of the issues with crafting and progression.
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  20. trion Founder

    server stability due to influx
    gen-pop rudeness
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