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    I do hope that at some point :red5: will post something astoundingly revealing about all this. Like there's some big master plan we can't see at the minute because not all the pieces are there to be seen yet. If that's the case i wish they'd bloody tell us coz this is just killing me :(
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    Some things I'm sure will come and will hopefully alleviate some of your issues:
    - Balancing of creature strength and rewards
    - Mission generation based on how many players are online, how active they are and how strong they are
    - Better trading options so that you can easily buy your equipment instead of crafting it, if that's how you roll
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    No the rambo-ness is still there, even more so with Tier 4 gear. I have seen too many people just standing in the middle of hell just firing non-stop.
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    Perhaps Red 5 could make a "Pre 0.6" server and see how many people play on that vs the live server. I'd like to see this argument put to bed. The Pre 0.6 server would also give you everything for no effort at all. Then we could see how rewarding it would be...
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    How is people saying this? I mean, this game been getting better, you have much more stuff to do, many dynamic missions, now you can choose from a large menu, yeah, maybe the rewards are less, but its because before, you didn´t had too much to do, so, having the rewards we are getting now before, would´ve been horrible because you didnt have too much to do, so thats why before you could get more rewards from dynamic missions, and now, you have always things to do, so you will continously gain crystite, and resources, and in invasions u get 10k resources 3k crystite, in tornadoes u get like 300+ per killed shard, I can get like 5k crystite in 1 hour hard working, never stopping doing ares missions, then I refine my materials and you get like 1.5k more crystite, so it would be more or less, 7k every 1-2 hours, and many resources.

    And yes, something I disagree from this game is durability, omg I cant really think when you will have to spend money on repairing something, if its hard getting crystite, how it could be repairing every 30 minutes ur armor...
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    Can you break up that run-on sentence? I'm having trouble following what exactly you are trying to argue.
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    Whenever anyone mentions the problem of durability, I pretty much always end up thinking of how Fallout: New Vegas did things. For those who don't know, in New Vegas items would wear down with use, which would cause their stats to degrade until they eventually broke outright. Broken items couldn't be used by the player anymore...but they weren't actually gone. Find a repair kit or some other way to patch up the damage, and viola: you got your thing back.

    Why can't we have something similar, where even your Tier IV purple Plasma Cannon will eventually break, but won't disappear and require...I dunno, something like a large crystite fee or maybe some resources to repair? We'd still have the grind to maintain our gear, but we'd never actually risk *losing* outright the really awesome stuff we broke our backs to earn.

    EDIT: After reading Kaerbear's dissertation about why they decided to use durability in the game, I realize that this solution will almost certainly never happen.
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    Yes, the permabreak is something we won't get rid of. So better live with that and think about making it as nice as possible.
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    Is it the "Stage" system hmm
    is it the "Decay" system hmm
    is it "Resource For Everything" system hmm
    because all are part of...

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    When you play an MMO, you strive for something. Character progression, story progression, something. You are working towards a goal, progressing along a path. Most MMOs use gear and dungeons as this goal (mostly because it's far easier to make gear with higher numbers than it is to make new story content or zones).

    Red5 saw that players will get up to the maximum gear level, and then sit there with the highest possible gear waiting around for new content. This was why they decided to make gear break permanently. A player can't sit with max level gear, because that gear will wear down and break over time as they play.

    Unfortunately, all that does is remove gear as and end goal, it offers nothing to replace it. Gear is no longer an objective to aim for, it is instead something to help you out on your quest for... Nothing. There's no objective to this game anymore.

    Let's not forget that the vast majority of players never do hit max level gear (due to lack of a good group, lack of time, lack of skill, or other issues), so the problem they're trying to fix only shows up for a dedicated few. Let's also not forget that the Firefall crafting system allows for thousands of levels of gear (due to mixing item qualities), making the chances vanishingly small that anyone will ever get a perfect piece of endgame gear, let alone get it before new content comes out. Oh, and while we're at it, let's try to remember that the majority of people who have max level gear still play the game. Every top-end, serious guild in a game like WoW is filled with players who have full gear sets, yet they still run raids weekly.

    So Red5 is trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist, and they broke their game because of it. And that's only the worst offender of a massive series of problems they've introduced over the past few months.

    The new leveling system is horrible. It is far too long and too complex, while offering very little benefit. In addition to needing several tutorials (which, admittedly, will supposedly come at some point), it also has almost no impact on the play experience. The old system was excellent. The branching ability tree gave you a progress bar you could easily track, allowed customized goals you could choose and aim for, and allowed for a visible impact on your play style. A new ability or weapon was a huge and clear benefit. +5% damage on an ability or weapon is not, nor is +5% speed. And the progression rate is slow to the point that, to a casual gamer, it might as well not even be there.

    The new Ares system is, likewise, horrible. It seems to have been thrust in to create a greater incentive for people to stop running around in Stock gear and start using the equipment system again, but all it does is punish players. I've logged in three times today, and each time I've been unable to find any dynamic missions which are not either group based or balanced for characters in higher than stock gear. It's too hard for a player to jump in and just get to doing content, especially for a newbie or casual. And that used to be one of the strengths of this game. You could always just log in and head to the nearest mission, and take part. Sure, you might die, sure, you might fail the mission. But damn it, you were playing, and you were having fun. That's gone now. You're a lot more likely to die, and die a lot, on the new system (which just makes the permanently breakable gear hurt worse). Missions take longer to complete, you're more dependent on other players, and you're less likely to be having fun.

    And, while I'm at it, the repair costs and death penalties are way, way too high. I know Firefall is all about "putting the Skill back into MMOs", but you're at the point where you'll be driving away most of your players because you are incredibly unforgiving of unskilled players. I like to play a Recon unit. I like the Sniper rifle, I like taking scoped headshots. I also suck at it. This is on me, I admit that. But you know what? It didn't matter. Why? Because it was still fun. I have been logging into this game on again off again for over a year. I'm a casual MMO player, I always have been, and I have no intention of changing that. So I die, and I die, and I die some more. But it never mattered, because death never precluded progression (remember, that whole "goal" thing I talked about up there?). I died, sure, but I was always taking steps forward, always getting a little bit better gear, or a little bit better of an ability, that made things just a bit easier. Now, though, I can't do that. Because those deaths break that gear. And those abilities. Oh, and those jumpjets. And everything else that this game uses for progression. The more you die, the more you will die. It's a vicious cycle that will keep all the casual gamers or people who play to have fun away from this game.