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    Just as the title says. Im getting a brand new pc(desktop) and Im mainly gonna use it for digital art using programs like PS CS5, Painter and ZBrush. Mabe in the future get Maya. Now my budget is only 1k. I was reading that I need to get an LED monitor over LCD I guess for better "blacks" in color and just overall better in color output quality. Also I mainly will be using my computer for dig art as well as web surfing at the same time. So lots of RAM will be necessary. I was going for in minimum specs:

    -22" LED monitor
    -6gb of RAM
    -1tb hard drive space
    -graphics card I won in art contest (8800 gts 640mb dual slot PCI Express graphics card)

    I read that Dell has a Studio series that good for what I want and its also in my price range. Any feedback would greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Juno Commander

    Usually I recommend building a PC if you can swing it as you can often get parts cheaper, but it tends to be the OS that chokes things up--for what you're doing the Dell would probably be economical at least, though probably not a lot of upgrade room in the future. Multicore seems to really help for graphics applications from what I'm told by buddies of mine that do art.

    One thing about the monitor issue: they use some really confusing and misleading numbers. For example the contrast ratio is supposed to be the ratio of the luminance between the minimum and maximum change in brightness in a pixel--but because most companies measure their lowest value for maximum change when the pixel is actually off and not displaying a minimum amount of brightness, it's like dividing by zero and it doesn't make too much sense--so they can throw literally any number they want at you and justify it by what is really an 'infinite' contrast ratio.

    I really recommend for monitors to find a store that sells them and look at them yourself, never go off of a spec sheet for something so important for art output. There are excellent LCD monitors out there, just like there are terrible LED ones.
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    Ok thank you for the info. I will take everything I get from the community as a consideration. Thanks!!!!
  4. Jodi Founder

    The most important thing when doing computer art is your monitor.
    So, I would shop for an IPS based monitor, as well as a monitor calibrator.

    Personally I got myself an HP LP2475w, and calibrated using a spyder2express (dammit, released Win 7 x64 drivers please!). The monitor was the most expensive part of my computer setup.

    I'm pretty sure the macbook cinema displays are also IPS. But there are plenty of monitors out there if you look.

    If you _really_ have money to burn, get an IPS with LED backlight. Yummie.

    But yea. Spend the $$$ on the monitor. The computer can be upgraded later, but monitors cannot.
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    Just remembered, try to see if its possible to get a computer that has a Sandy Bridge CPU. They are Intels new version two of the I series. While the cost the same to produce and have the same cost they are considerably better, particularly noted in some various CG software test that they did on the I5 a while back. Since they only started shipping this year a lot of computers that are bought new will still use the old ones, so if you can try to get one with a Sandy Bridge, it will be well worth your effort from what I've heard.

    The only downside is that they limited some of the overclocking options on the Sandy Bridge series when compared to the I series. I doubt that this will be of much detriment to you though.

    Edit: Found the post I referred to, at the bottom click the pop down and look for whatever section interests you, the 3D rendering was what I mostly payed attention too.