What the best place to farm for Hisser DNA Samples

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    What would be the best location to look for the Hisser's? I'm trying to farm for Hisser DNA samples i found a few of their nest at around (-546, -44). Can anyone possible give me a better location?
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    I've noticed quite a few of their hive/pod things up north. Head north (towards Thump Dump) and shoot all the pods you encounter.
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    Also thumping in Diamondhead.
    And as the poster above me said : their nests in cerrado plains.
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    Nest locations:

    * There are a very few nests in the rough area north of copa.

    * There's the biggest line of nests going from the white wargrim area across cerrado to the weigh station south of TD.

    * There's another line in the south between stonewall and sigu's but most of these are on the top of the hills and so are only really convenient as a double dash Firecat or AB+Trailblaze Tigerclaw.

    * There are nests in Diamondhead (copa portal) that respawn fairly quickly.
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    Oh for crying out loud! Really? Another post about where to farm HISSER DNA?!?!?!


    Fairly quickly? Some spawn within seconds...over and over again.

    Sorry to OP, but this question is driving me nut's, I and many other have responded to this question in many threads. Just yesterday come to think of it....ah well, happy hunting!

    STICKY THIS PLEASE....or at least one of these HISSER DNA posts....SHEEESH!!