Where do I get parts for LGV

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kaplish, May 7, 2013.

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    Hi where do i get all the parts like

    1 i need Microfusion Engine i have no idea where to get and second i need Transverse Suspenalon, Motalloid Chasis, Tri Axial Wheels i all ready have cobra p 39 keys all i need is rest of them that i don't know where to get. Will some one help me
  2. RainDreamer Black Cats

    From patch notes here:
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  3. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    are any of these items craftable in the printer
  4. FadedPez Community Manager

    No, all items are found at special vendors at those POIs when their power level is at 3.
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    How do i get my POI level to 3?
  6. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    from the patch notes
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    if anyone comes up with cost in the near future that would be good to know. I'm trying to weigh up spending BCY or crafting a Cobra
  8. RainDreamer Black Cats

    You can craft P-39 Cobra later. You can only get the red BCY cobra skin in close beta. I suggest you get the BCY one.
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    depends on if other BCY stuff is more beneficial for the amount i have, cant wait to get home to check it all out
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    Might add that it is 50K CY each for 4 of the parts and 100CY for the keys.
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    ah thats good info on the CY costs, exactly the sort of thing i was after thanks.
  12. Steel Fire Commander

    Yeah... 200k for a blue bike or 75k for a red one.... shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
  13. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    that adds up to 300k cy
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    Has all 3 bikes, but can only ride one at a time ;_;

    50k +50k +50k+50k+ 100 = 200,100 CY Math is hard.
  15. Steel Fire Commander

    You fail at math. :p the keys are only 100Cy, not 100k Cy. It also seems if you have the old keys from the quest, you don't even need to spend that tiny bit of Cy, since I noticed I have a set of P-39 keys.
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  16. ValleySpirit Hero of the Accord

    sorry - was confused expecting the k on the key price
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    Does anyone know or seen where to get the Microfusion Engine and the Tri-Axial Wheels? I have already gone to all of the POI's at lvl 3 and only found the Metalloid Chassis and the the Transverse Suspension.
  18. Heartbreak Defender of Humanity

    I am looking for the Tri-Axial Wheels also, anyone knows where it's at?
  19. Jector Bird of Prey

    Vehicle Component Vendor
    Jun - Thump Dump LvL 3 (-165 , 2106)
    - 50k cy | Microfusion Engine
    Crafting component: Cobra P-39

    Lieutenant Dwayne Tucker - Copacabana LvL 3 (1149 , 356)
    - 50k cy | Tr-Axial Wheels
    Crafting component: Cobra P-39

    Blanca Gomes - Trans-Hub LvL 3 (490, -157)
    - 50k cy | Transverse Suspension
    Crafting component: Cobra P-39

    Dynamo - Sunken Harbor LvL 3 (2257 , -754)
    - 50k cy | Metalloid Chassis
    Crafting component: Cobra P-39
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    Is there any difference between the LGV you get from crafting and from beta CY? Other than color that is :)