Who plays as the opposite sex in video games

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Phaaze, Sep 30, 2010.

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    For aesthetic reasons, or others.

    Who here does it?

    I do, my best characters on Ragnarok Online are all female.
  2. FadedPez Community Manager

    I do, depending on how cool the models look. For example in WoW I'd always play a male orc, but when it came to night elves, I played female mostly because I hated the male casting/swing animations and overall the females looked better anyway.
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    It depends on a game, but I play randomly. In Mass Effect 2 Male characters looked much better, in Dragon Age I wanted to play elf mage but all male models looked like they all had only boyfriends so I've chosen female:)
    In Fallout while playing a female character you could earn some money for sex so it was quite fun:)
    In MMO titles I'm mostly choosing females because in most MMO males look gay.
    In WoW I had 1 female(human) char and 2 male (orc, undead) ones.
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    In online games I play as a male (unless sex is restricted by class), sometimes in single-player I play as female, usually as a joke.
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    Hah nice one:) I like it when while playing you can feel the difference if you're male or female.
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    Cant bring myself to play the opposite sex.. something about seeing a dainty scarcely armored girl getting hit by 20t stone golems.. seems wrong.
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    Same as Inkubu. I never really can get into playing a character of the opposite sex (no offense to all you ladies out there!). I usually just stick with male characters.
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    Frown upon the hypersexualized appearance of females in video games to appeal to men; Unrealistic armor sets leaving an abundance of skin exposure.

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    I don't know why but I can't get myself to play a female character. It either feels to gay, or I end up hooing my wooie.
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    For single player I'll usually create a male character and play so far, and after awhile I'll create a female character out of boredom but it also depends on how they look.

    For online play strictly male, it just doesn't feel right to play a female.
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    I just realized I hadn't given a general answer for my preference.

    Simply, it is usually whichever gender looks better. For first person games though it's usually a coin toss that decides.
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    I never bother with the kinds of games that restrict your sex by class.

    Unless we're talking Diablo. :p

    I always play a dude. Playing a female seems dishonest. Plus, if one's avatar can be seen as an idealized version of one's self, or even a semi-accurate representation of one's self, I prefer to be seen as a guy. Because I -am- a guy. And proud of it. :p
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    Only in mario games. I dominate as peach
  15. Zoogy Beta Vanguard

    I almost always play as a male in games unless there are stat bonus that females get that I want. Also I will play as a female if the class I want is sex restricted to females or there aren't classes to play but people and the "class" I want is a female character.
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    I usually play men. Obvious reasons aside (Most important: women don't get moustache. Lame!), men in videogames are usually better (Or at least, more) dressed for some reason. I'll even forgo a lucrative bonus if it's given depending on character sex. When classes are restricted by sex, I frown. No, I don't just frown, I scowl. But probably still play a girl. A scowling, hoarse-voiced, profanity-spewing girl.
  17. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    I do quite often.
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    Wow... I just realized that I've never played as a female-character before....
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    Thats why i started using "it" instead of "he\she" unless i am informed otherwise, saves me the trouble of guessing.