Who plays as the opposite sex in video games

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    I usually play as a female in most games. It started in Neverwinter Nights, actually. I found the male models, voices, and clothing/armour options to ALL SUCK. So I switched to playing a girl. The voices were better, the models were better, and there was much larger variety of customisation available for armour and the like. This is true of most games, I've found. Besides, If I'm going to be staring at the rear-end of an on-screen avatar for hours on end, I'd much rather it be a woman's. :p

    P.S. I also unashamedly Role play as females as well as males in games that encourage RP (nwn 1 & 2 specifically). I don't see a problem with it.
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    LOL So true. I tend to call people by the sex of their avatars even if I know that they are a guy playing a girl or a girl playing a guy. Makes things easier on me. :) Also a lot of people I know tend to like people not knowing that they aren't really the same sex as their avatars just to have fun. Ever seen a guy hitting on a guy that is playing as a girl avatar? I have and it is funny,
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    >LOL So true. I tend to call people by the sex of their avatars even if I know that they are a guy playing a girl or a girl playing a guy. Makes things easier on me.
    Yeah, that's what I do, as well.

    A bit of motivation, if you want, is if people are going to associate me with a make-believe character, hell no it won't be a pretty half-naked girl. At the very least make it a sharply-dressed pretty boy (Bishie sparkle optional). But better yet, a dorf. Dorfs are cool.
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    I don't typically but one of my friends does, especially in third person games. He figures that if he is going to play a game for hours on end he prefers to be staring at a gals arse instead of a guys.
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    I'm sorry to inform you that those are all excuses, he's hooing his wooie.
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    That only works if she is wearing nothing and in most games you can't do that (not counting mods).
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    do i know you from somewhere? cause that is seriously how i have put it before (except for the whole TPS game thing)

    But personally it also depends on how females are represented in-game, cause honestly even if it is a virtual character, running around in nothing but a bikini (or something to that effect) just doesn't feel right honestly and i tend to either avoid those games or roll a male if all my friends happen to be playing it at the time.
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    Usually in games that include character creation, i model my character after myself as much as i can. So gender switching is a no go. If its a multiplayer game where you select pre-made models, i usually pick girls.
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    Ye that is exactly how I am. I notice in online games you will always talk about someone and be like "she is so funny" and then one of their friends will be like "IT'S A HE" so i prefer male characters and I will play a female character to try a different aspect.
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    I dont pose as the opposite sex. but my friend does for almost eveyr game eh plays
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    I usually play female characters in games because I feel like the male characters are so ugly and ridiculously masculine. However, I am gay so I'm biased.
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    That reminds me of the time I tried UT3 actually, when selecting a character I ended up going as an android because all the human males were disgustingly ugly and looked like some gnarled growth rather than a human. Another game of note is SC2, it looks like most characters were given massive doses of anabolic steroids (which, when I think about it, they probably were).

    I don't mind if the characters can't be customized because that's just the way they are (same goes for if they're female), but if the character is supposed to represent me then I would rather not be forced to have some proposterone laden beast. I realise this clashes somewhat with my view of gender representation, but so far I haven't run into any problems in practice.

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    So skull smasher dudes with giant guns or weapons don't look cool to you? And instead you look at the male characters appearance, and if he's pretty or not? 0.0 Wow... I won't negate your statement that you're gay Shadowrath XD
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    Female characters: Warriors etc.
    Male characters: Wizards and junk.

    Thats how I usually sort my gender issues.
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    Oh ha ha ha.. "he's gay so I'm gonna turn it into the pejorative so I can get a quick chuckle."

    When talking about aesthetics, I usually pick whomever looks cooler or has the better weapon animations. Big reason why I can't play any of Bethesda's games for longer then an hour or two is because I can't stand that slouching all the humanoids seem to suffer from - male or female.
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    I didn't turn into pejorative, I'm always at my worse when talking about gays. But, in this case my opinion was influenced by his statement, not him being gay.
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    You are using it as a pejorative. His statement was '[...]I'm gay so I'm biased." Not all gay guys (like me, for instance) don't find pretty guys attractive or the absolute opposite, for that matter.

    "I won't negate your statement that your gay Shadowrath..." is taking the stereotype that all gay men are feminine and don't like things that aren't 'pretty'.
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    I like to play with the opposite sex in real life too.
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    I'm so awesome that I don't need a giant gun, the skulls just smash themselves.