Who plays as the opposite sex in video games

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    You people who think chicks are the only ones who get money are silly..

    I once spent an entire evening dancing my draenei dude at the Stormwind auction house in his skivvies and got myself 20g.

    And I swing both ways, baby, awww yeeahhh...

    It doesn't matter. It's all in what you wanna look at or for restricted ones, what you wanna play, or how you want the story to unfold. Don't matter if yer straight, gay, bi, alien.

    And I hated the female Shepard, she sounded awful to me, all whiney and stuff. x.x Go male Shepard all the way.. badASS.
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    marry me plox?
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    What the hell is a plox?
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    I believe its an very old wooden ship used by the vikings.
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    I always make the choice based off of the character being played, and the models of those characters. If the female looks better or has better animation/movement and characteristics. I don't have issues loading up a female. I still prefer the almighty bare chested huge armed barbarians for most of my characters though. :D
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    Is that like calling her an old "battleaxe"?

    ((plox = leet-speak for "please" :p
    And, prepare to be shot-down, Agent :p ))
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    doh, I'm not up on me leet. I tend to shun it, or use it in a very sarcastic way.

    Sorry, already married. ^^
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    Woooow, this is getting kinda sad. Thread needs a dose of real..

    Some of you people need to get out of the house more often, if you're getting your kicks from the pixelated characters on your computer screen. Like Really?!?!.... Really... you actually put thought into whose behind you'd rather watch on screen, like it has any factor in your play other then revealing some perverse fantasy. Just saying..
    Although I get it if it's fitting for the role like an assassin/rogue or something agile like, but when you actually Roleplay to the point of trying to convince people of your false gender.. maybe there's some questions you should be asking yourself, lol :)
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    Totally bombastically agreed there. Playing female characters and letting other people think you're a female is just wrong and weird, either that or you're hooing your wooie. Don't give us false reasons :p
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    After having two famous cases in WoW of people I knew, people in my guild, pretending to be opposite gender, and then actually starting a relationship with someone (as it turns out) of the same gender--that's something that I find very weird and strange now. One guy said he just rolled a chick, then liked the attention and kinda went with it, and then it snowballed into a guild identity, and before he knew it, he had told people he was a girl IRL, and then formed actual friendships with these people and felt increasingly bad about deceiving them :p

    But the whole, tricking a same-sex person into thinking your female and ERP'ing with them, that's got to be one of the worst things you can do to a person in an MMO :p It never happened to me, but did happen to my two friends :p Man, when that guy found out he was so shamed he left the game >_> they were going into some hardcore e-roleplay.

    And it always happens that people who do this sort of thing have a mild case of gender-identity disorder, or perhaps even a full-on case, and can live vicariously as the opposite sex. Which is all well and good until you start deceiving people.

    I do think there are people who genuinely reason they just want to look at a hot girl, but I find that a bit strange because in a game you're supposed to identify with your avatar, it's supposed to be you, and in an MMO it kinda is you, it's how others know you, it's a virtual body that stands for you. People don't normally sexualize themselves. So maybe it's just some form of narcissism.

    Though, I think it might have to do also with just experiencing the other side. It's been said that the most powerful image in the world is that of a beautiful woman :p There's truth in that, people do treat you differently, and some people use a female avatar to grief and laugh and loser males who will give them free junk just for the heck of helping out a girl. Girls do the same thing of course :p Laugh at guys who give them free stuff :p
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    I roll guys when I think they look neat. My draenai is all beefy with a fu-manchu. He's funny. ^^

    I usually use female avatars, for the identifying with thing, but I don't care about it. It's a few pixels. People who DECIEVE other ppl, as you say, are just buttheads.

    And I tend not to let it get too far, but for my side of things, it's beneficial to play a male.
    1) I don't get treated "special" so I can play the game the way it was meant to be played.
    2) I don't use voice in things like TF2, cause I either get griefed for being a little boy or I don't get left alone cause I'm a girl.
    3) Man-toons are funny looking sometimes.
    4) The girls in Tiger Woods PGA tour are FUGLY.

    There you go.
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    Certainly it's much easier to understand girls playing male toons to escape unwanted attention. Despite that, all the hardcore girl players I've known in WoW still had female mains. It was only the odd male who had a female main they played 100%.
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    Mm, I know a couple guys who play female toons in wow. It's because they prefer the way they look/animate over the males, and they tend to ignore or punish those who try to give them attention, usually by announcing very loudly "Dude, I'm a guy! You just hit a guy what's wrong with you, just because my character is female you don't know whats on the other side of the monitor WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GET A GIRLFRIEND!"

    It's pretty funny to watch. =D
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    I have made characters for my whole family. NWN I had me, my wife and our daughter kicking ass and taking names.

    sometimes if it is a group of use playing it feels right to have some girl characters in the party.
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    I know people who have children old enough to raid with them >_> it's kinda freaky to think about.
    "Hey, grandpa's got a raid on tuesday, you comin'?" <_<

    "We're meeting on my mom's server at 8:00 tonight" >_>
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    lol that's just... weird.
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    But so very wrong for those girls to be guys.
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    I love playing games with girls :) My old guild-leader was of the female persuasion, and a total sweetheart.
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    Heh, we had a girl join our old guild an an old game a few years back. The nice and pleasant kind, everyone seemed to like her, and I suspect some people even started falling for her. A guy I know from back than still holds the grudge against her player, who turned out to be a roleplayer and a bit of a troll.
    He's now a guild leader in Warcraft (Kill me). Him and his best friend, who also plays it, are both psychologists. They chew out everyone who tries to play a character of the "wrong" gender. And they talk about Warcraft all the time (Kill me). Just kill me already.

    One case where I would play a female character would be if I get to play a gender-swapped pair with a friend. Just for the bewilderment we'd cause and the opportunity to say "Hey, he's the girl here".
  20. Haha, nice. I made a joke character to troll with in Runescape a while back, and had a guy ask me to be his "gf" about a minute after I finished the tutorial.

    My character was wearing only light purple clothing, and had purple hair, but was male and was named "but pirate13". He could at least have taken a closer look (although the RS graphics are pretty crappy) to make sure. When someone else said "Uh thats a guy", he suddenly seemed to lose interest in me. :(