Who plays as the opposite sex in video games

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  1. >When someone else said "Uh thats a guy", he suddenly seemed to lose interest in me.
    I feel for you, man. Why do they always do that.
  2. I definitly will always play the opposite sex. Female.
    Here's my thought: If you are going to be staring at the screen for x hours a day, whose behind would you rather be staring at?
  3. There are quite a lot of people who do not identify with their character at all. I've even encountered people who find the idea that some people do, to be crazy. Then there's people play characters the way authors write stories, using the game as the medium instead of writing.

    In whole, I'd say people are too fond of adding meaning where there doesn't need to be any. Not enough people know Zen.
  4. Zen; it's a good thing. -Martha Stewart
  5. Just to toss in my word, if it's a social game, MMO or otherwise, I generally play male, loosely self-modeled. If I'm ustplaying a game, I will pick the female character. Why? Well, it's a running joke.

    Many years ago, there was a game some of you might remember on the PS2 entitled ATV Off-Road Fury 2. Good game. There was a choice between a male and female rider, simply an aesthetic change, and you could barely even see the driver from the very-far-away camera. I was playing splitscreen, and just to be funny, slyly changed to a female character. My plan was A. to see how long they'd notice, and then B. once they noticed, throw out that classic-of-classics, oh-so-sarcastic 'you got beat by a girl' line.

    It took a while. Blame it on 480i resolution.

    Later in life, I was playing Oblivion, which does change attributes according to gender and race and all that, and so I picked a female character for stat reasons. It was about sixty hours in that time.

    Well, and so it kinda segued into a running joke. When I started playing Runescape on the invitation of friends...guess what I did! And of course started it regularly in singleplayer and all that, too. Mass Effect, in particular, I play primarily female, though not exclusively. This is in part due to Jennifer Hale being much better than McGravelly.

    And no, I do not support the "Given the disparity between the two articles, what preference would you have towards observation of posteriors for elongated periods?" theory. I like to think of myself as more mature than that. Well, I try. However, I definitely can't support playing female characters when it's in the cliché of 'transparent protection.' Because...well, that does seem somewhat wrong and exploitative, frankly.

    It's interesting to approach it from a roleplaying perspective, as the method actor in me reasserts itself. Back to Mass Effect's example, male Shepard and female Shepard may all use the same lines, but there's still a different character to it, which is very interesting. It's not usual for this type of thing to crop up, but when it does, it's something.

    Am I just trying to justify looking at a more attractive arrangement of polygons at the end of the day? ...Maaaaaybe. Though that's somewhat nullified when the perspective is first-person. Really, though, I think I like doing something different...which sounds incredibly ironic in my head as I'm typing this. But the alternative is being boring.
  6. I've been known to play both male and female. However, i mostly play female because they are usualy better looking than male characters. Its nothing creepy, just prefer something easier on the eyes.
  7. I don't understand it either. I felt like we had a real connection, like he truly loved me and I had finally met my match in life. Oh, how the words "will u b my gf" made me imagine the possibilities and adventures we could have together. Then he suddenly just stopped talking. :'(

    I really do kinda feel sorry for girl gamers who play as female characters in MMOs though. The ones that don't like that kind of attention anyway.
  8. >I really do kinda feel sorry for girl gamers who play as female characters in MMOs though. The ones that don't like that kind of attention anyway.
    Uergh, don't mention it. I used to play near-exclusively with a girl for some time - not MMOG's, admittedly, just TF2 and L4D. It was funny how people started hitting on her or (younger ones) going "omg ur a chik? rly a chik?" whenever they heard her voice. I wish I could punch people across the internets.
  9. Well yeah, not only MMOs, but multiplayer games with strangers in general. I think it's just worse in MMOs because people tend to focus more on the social aspects, and aren't necessarily busy killing stuff all the time (or whatever the goal of the game is).
  10. As I said.. why I don't use voice in TF2 unless it's urgent, like which way the intel is headed.
  11. I'm a guy, I play as a guy. End of my story.

    I know plenty of people who play opposite genders, but I never could really get into the whole pretending to be female online thing.
  12. I always play as a woman because I am one. I think I like to relate to the character as me doing something awesome even though I don't roleplay or anything. However, I played a guy in PSU for a while because their clothes weren't as weird as some of the female options.

    I don't think a male character really appeals to me because I'm often forced to play as one in several other titles. So if there's a female option, I'm extremely pleased. If there's not a female option, sometimes, I won't play the game because of it.
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  13. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    Well geez, how am I supposed to hit on you if you no speaky? Hmmmmmmmm?
  14. Oh, how can I resist a face like that. >.<
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  15. Frankly i never see the in-game avatar as myself, i suppose being able to have a three person conversation in your head might be to blame but ya never know.

    at-least their not as bad as the "get back in the kitchen" crowd, it really pisses me off when people start saying that cupcake =/

    I have also noticed that in most MMO's the female animations just seem to be more...well polished (for lack of a better word) I'm not fully sure why though xD
  16. >I have also noticed that in most MMO's the female animations just seem to be more...well polished (for lack of a better word) I'm not fully sure why though xD
    They may be, but the clothes are skimpy. That girl I mentioned went to great lengths to find nice-looking clothes for her character in MMOG's.
    Which is another reason I find it harder to identify with a female character (It's not impossible, mind you: here's Jade). If I'm going to go out fighting evil, I better go fully dressed. If I get a choice, I'll make something easier to identify with and easier to identify with the role, which is 99 cases out of 100 is a fighter.
  17. i suppose for me it just really comes down to which is more over the top, how the males are portrayed or how the females are portrayed. Cause frankly i would prefer not to play as king kong, but i would also prefer not be walking around in next to nothing, most games that feature both i just avoid xD
  18. My personal opinion is that it's a game, not real life. Whether it's RP based or not, if you see a female/male avatar then refer to them as what they are in-game. Same with any other aesthetic characteristics including orientations. An aspect of a game is to escape reality. Be what you want in game because, after all, that's what customization is for anyway. Bringing reality into is not only prohibited in some cases but frowned upon. Try and have fun without those burdens. All of that really muddies up the water besides, since you know there will always be that trollolol that will pop his head in to make it a big deal anyway.

    Don't be a Trollolol.

    P.S. I bet you're all posing as something you're not IRL anyway.. >_> <3
  19. Probably reflects the fact that women tend to be more graceful whereas guys are more into brute force.
  20. I usually play a guy, loosely based on myself. Just same hair color, and sometimes style. In some games, they hold the guns diff, so I choose based on that.