Who plays as the opposite sex in video games

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  1. Nope, I do not. Male bodies are absolutely gross, so no. Plus I like looking at nice female models :)
  2. I am a male. Most of the time I pick a male character unless they are really bad looking.
    But if I make more characters in one game then it will mostly be each 3th character being a female
  3. Mainly male but I do a lot of things on a whim.
  4. Huh.... I'm used to people bashing someone who is a guy who uses a female avatar in a game. Although honestly I much prefer playing males rather then females. No idea why but that's just what I roll up. If there is a gender class lock it doesn't really deter me from playing any of the classes though (Diablo would be a prime example of that.) I certainly don't balk at playing the mage just because he became a she in Diablo II.
  5. i usually go by the graphics and my chosen race but yea, i usually tend to play as female avatars. draenei and nelfs in WoW for example looked better than their male counterparts and in firefall im a female as well
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    Nice thread rez! This one was a real blast from the past, I was awesome in it! :D
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    I don't really distinguish between gender in games. It's not like you'll be checking out each character model properly if you're in combat anyway.
    I play as a female character. My sister usually plays as a male.
  8. I usually play as a male character.
  9. Only in Fantasy RPGs

    I like to name her Xena ...AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIIIIIIIII!
  10. depends on the game and the style of the two models...if i like the male model better, then male it is. And if i like the female model better, then female it is.
  11. Only in games where it is mandatory, Metroid and Mirror's Edge for example. I don't mind in the situations where a story is unfolding, but in a dynamic story setting, I prefer to play the male gender because I am a man.
  12. If it's an option, I make a female character.
    Otherwise, I play as the default (obviously).

    I don't mod my game to be able to play as a female either, soooo... no?
  13. Eh. I'll swing both ways depending on the character and game.

    Heavy Metal FAKK2 I played as a female obviously.
    The Precursors I played as some generic male space cowboy.
    And so on...

    In general in MMO's my melee characters are female and my ranged characters are male.
    But that's another story.
  14. I almost never play a female model.
    If I do, she's one of 5-6 other characters for that game or I don't have a choice on the model I use.

    Example: I have 1 female WoW toon to my 9 male toons just so I could use pretty much the only name I've felt like using for a female character.
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    Pretty much this.
  16. I usually play both. Although I tend to make strength and melee oriented characters male, whereas my stealthy and ranged characters are usually female.