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    Its actually very simple, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    The assault rifle does 2 times the damage of the plasma cannon. The assault is out damaged by every class that can equip an assault rifle.

    Practical testing backs this up. Using LemonKings DPS meter You can see the plasma cannon doesn't even come close to the AR in terms of damage.

    First are foremost, forget about splash damage. The radius is very tiny, players move very fast, and now they spend very little time on the ground. Splash is a nice bonus to the plasma cannon, but you have to be getting consistent direct hits to reach its full potential. The plasma cannon is a slow moving projectile with a slight arc, this makes it very hard to use compared to the fast moving AR rounds. The assault rifle is so much easier to use, and completely outshines the plasma cannon is every way.

    All the abilities are basically useless, lets just agree on that for a moment. That leaves the plasma cannon as the one defining trait of the class, yet that one trait is outmatched by something every single other class can equip.
    Splash damage mattered a bit more in the last build, but in the current one you have so few opportunities to take advantage of it that it cannot be considered a real trait.
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    I 100% agree with this, I have been putting a lot of time into my assault and I went and got myself a secondary battle frame which is now a dreadnought and the DPS is significantly greater in PVP and easily more consistent.
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    The DN is supposed to have a higher DPS than the assault and it makes sense.
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    When I first played this game at my friends house i found myself using the plasma cannon in bigger fights vs the melding simply because the aoe. you cant get 5 kills in 1 shot with an assault rifle. I think that they have assault rifle to have a variation of weps for bigger mobs where you need accuracy, and the less dmg but aoe plasma for alot of trash mobs.
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    "where you need accuracy AND dmg*"
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    For PVE, the plasma does have its uses, but for PVP its really awful.
    I am a good shot with the plasma, I can land mid airs with good consistency, but I perform so much better if I just ignore the plasma entirely and use nothing but AR. The AR is just so much better against a single target 99% of pvp. Easier to aim, more damage, less risk or penalty for misses, and much longer effective range.
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    I for one do not agree with this post whatsoever. Your evidence is solid, that the AR does give more DPS, and may be the better way to go in PvP, but I still rack up the kills like crazy with the Plasma Cannon. The Assault frame was changed from a buff AoE spraying tank, to more of a speed based, come and go frame. I find it easiest to get kills just by out thinking my opponents. I sneak up on them, and get two blasts off directly on them or very close to them, thus starting me off with a huge advantage. I then run out of their line of sight, hide in a little nook on the map, and then pounce on them again killing them. Also in group scenarios I am big help to my team as my splash damage weakens all of our foes allowing dreads and engis in the vicinity weaker targets to finish off. I barely ever whip out my AR unless to finish off multiple foes and the reloading of my Plasma Cannon would take too long.

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    It shouldn't be half the DPS, but it shouldn't have higher dps than the assault rifle. Bullet hoses will always have higher damage over time while on hit should be roughly 75% of that damage.

    Assault is a strange class with the addition of jetpacks. Jetpacks are a bit strong, or rather, the regen rate on jetpacks is way too high. They will balance the game around this, but they weren't expecting this at all.
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    DPS is not the only thing to consider in a shooter. If we did only consider DPS - our game would be very boring. "Hits to kill," splash damage and burst damage are all equally important. Are you counting DPS when you one shot-headshot someone for 1000 hp? Probably not.

    By no means are the current weapon stats finalized and we will almost certainly be tuning DPS as necessary.

    If you're looking for additional scientific data: High noon, Copa Cobana, I'll bring my plasma and you can use the AR. :cool:
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    i agree that now is difficult to be the first of the fraglist...but i usually be....before patch i usually double the second...and now i have difficult to land 10 more frag than the second...but now is more balanced.
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    *twiddles thumbs*

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    It's also important that people realize that DPS numbers on weaponry are straight "Best Case Scenario" theoretical numbers. You can't rely on just that number to help you determine the worth of a weapon.

    For example:
    The assault rifle's DPS number is gleaned from the assumptions of being 100% accurate and hitting every shot, at it's maximum rate of fire. You will not achieve this value in PvP, ever, unless your target is afk and you are standing next to them. The assault rifle is not extremely accurate and to maintain proper control of it you won't be firing it at maximum RoF; you'll likely be bursting it at anything but point blank unless you're bullet-hosing it with the understanding that you're going to miss a lot. This is a massive reduction in effective DPS. Holding the button down at mid-short range, what percentage of shots would you estimate that you land?

    The Plasma cannon on the other hand, has zero spread. It *IS* mechanically 100% accurate at it's maximum possible RoF if you have the skill to land the shots, and many do. Additionally it has the bonus of splash damage, which frequently turns what would have been a miss into a partial hit on a single target (artificially propping up it's minimum effective dps values), or adds tons of bonus damage per-shot to surrounding targets in PvE (Straight massive increase to effective DPS). I disagree that the splash damage is useless.

    It's really no where close to as cut-and-dry as a direct comparison of listed DPS values can make it seem. DPS values are one of many tools to help judge the worth of a weapon, but they are not gospel, and they should never be used alone... not even in games like World of Warcraft.
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    i agree assault deffinatly needs tweaking but it is still possible to play an effective role, u just have to ajust your play style to be a bit more how should i say...... cowardly?

    watch this game and keep an eye on "youkai" 22559804880144128
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    I dare you to duel someone with an AR, you will die easily my friend.
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    That aside, yes there was some overcompensation on 5's part when they revisited the weapon.
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    Exactly. damage per shot is more important then damage over time at times. Take the engineer Tesla tickle. It hits for 24-34 a tick. it does tick fast but it has to get 150-200 ticks to equal 1 hit from a plasma canon. What do you think is easier to do, hit someone 1 time or 200?
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    ehm. no more like 10-15 ticks.
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    I still do better playing with assault than biotech with all the so called debuffs! Although my assault is decent and my biotech is forgetful lol
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    Ahhh awesome channel :D Finally another Assault who can aim! Best score?
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