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Discussion in 'Battleframe Discussion' started by Biceptor, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Seems like the advanced battleframes have the same capabilites as the accords, with added abilities. Can someone please explain why anyone would advance an accord battleframe
  2. Brezals Beta Commando

    No reason atm at all. there have been said, that there might be reputation tied into it. say, there is accord reputation, and you can use an accord frame to get more accord reputation. if this will ever be the case or not idk.

    Personally I would like to see them with unique accord abilities, or having them have a much lesser progression treadmill, making it easy to max one out, maybe they can only use grade 2 gear, while every frame other can use up to grade 5
  3. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    I use the accord frames if I like the default loadout. I use all 3 recons because it's annoying to completely refit a battleframe for a different situation/play style. If we could have multiple loadouts for battleframes, there wouldn't be any reason to use the accord battleframes.
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  4. Tressi Commander

    I level almost all of the Accord frames through at least all of the White unlocks and getting ready to work on the Green unlocks for the Pilot Tokens - getting through Green is cake. I can nearly level any one area - Mass, Power, CPU from 0 - 2G in two nights...a few tornadoes, some thumping, and AREs missions - done.

    Usually faster than that too. Accord frames are an easy 6 pilot tokens a piece if you unlock the Greens.
  5. Nismu On The Naughty List

    and then there is the pvp where frames will have only default loadup. Though there was some rumors about accord frames getting own skills too, but haven't seen official post from it so might be just rumor.
  6. Duggeek Unbroken

    Even before the v0.6 milestone, the Accord battleframes were just a "stepping stone" to the more powerful frames by specialized manufacturers. When the Tech Tree was king, the only reason to go back to Accord frames was to max out your XP and unlock everything for the third battleframe in that archetype. The new progression system hasn't really changed that.

    I agree with Brezals; making Accord tech relevant by making progression lower than the specialized tech would make Accord tech more relevant after more-advanced frames are unlocked. NoahDVS also brings a good point about using different frames as a means of storing different loadouts, although it still means progressing the three frames in the same archetype to keep comparative stats. As it is now, keeping Accord frames progressing is just as much work as the advanced tech, but without any additional unlocks, specialization or bonus stats. This lack of rewards in the Accord progression makes them basically irrelevant once a player has moved on to the advanced frames.

    All of the Accord tech is inclusive with advanced frames; each specialized frame can use the Accord tech from the same archetype, but not vice-versa. The Accord tech therefore seems more limited and loses relevance because a player won't be motivated to advance the frame when there's fewer options available.

    Maybe Accord frames should have subtle bonuses; things like auto-repair, Accord-tech synergy (buffs for having all Accord gear equipped) or maybe even advantages that translate to the SIN overlay, such as increased range or auto-marking of Chosen/mobs when within a certain radius. There are many possibilities there for making Accord tech relevant again.
  7. NoahDVS Marshmallow

    More tokens for me :)
    I'm not sure what you mean by "but without any additional unlocks, specialization or bonus stats." You still get a mobility bonus with the red and 1st blue upgrades and you can still use T1 and T2 gear, unless you meant the lower amount of extra abilities.
  8. Duggeek Unbroken

    Yes, the progression system mirrors that of the more advanced frames. However, without additional gear or abilities, Accord ends up with fewer options than the other frames. This stems from how you can use Accord gear on higher frames, but you can't take the gear from higher frames and use it with an Accord frame.
  9. SihaElle Fan Site MVP

    If you happen to like the combination of abilities open to an Accord frame, there's no reason not to use that frame instead of going for an advanced frame and then putting all your Accord abilities into it anyway. That way you get to save your pilot tokens for advanced frames of other classes instead.

    Also: aesthetics. Each set of three frames do differ from each other, and some people may prefer the visual style of the Accord frame.