Will there be a character wipe after beta?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DreadnaughtBro, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I been curious with the way the game is being released will there be a total character, everything wipe before the beta tag is removed, or will everyone keep everything once the beta tag is off?
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    Yes. The Devs have said (and this was a long time ago mind you) that when they go into a full release they will do a wipe. The game will still be invite only for awhile, but yes when the game initially launches there will be a character wipe.
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    Most likely yes.
  4. Zepherion Commander

    Dude. That sucks.
  5. AgentSmith5150 Beta Commando

    Very standard practice. Anyone that has been involved in a game beta should completely expect this.
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  6. cribster Iceman

    They do it MIB style, make everyone forget everything about the game so each person starts anew
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    It'd actually be great if they could make us forget about the game.

    Completely reset our hype for it and make us forget all the glitches and half-finished things.

    Also, yey wipe. Though I couldn't imagine not having one.
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    Almost every beta ever does this. Nothing new when Devs do a character wipe not sure why people are freaking out over this common fact. Not to sound rude or anything...
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  9. G.I.Joe Founder

    You could always take a screen shot and keep the memories for ever :3
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    :D I think that the wipe is a great idea :D
    of the same opinion as HackaFreak A reboot to a polished version of the game, bring on the wipe

    and anyway i prob wont get into the beta :p
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    everyone gets into the beta if they sign up before it loses the beta tag. its live when there is more invites than people to invite. so says the beta stream red 5 made

    however i fully expect to get one of those "we've run out of other people to invite" keys
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    They might even wipe it during the beta to test Leveling-structures, to see things like how long it takes the average player to reach a certain level.
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    I say no because there is no "end to beta"; remember they say it is an evolution and no real launch. They have and will wipe in early beta as need arises.
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    It's a violation against the NDA to talk about those kind of things, you should probably fix that. :)
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    its a beta, thats not a secret, that's expected.
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    As has already been stated, I can see there is a wipe coming when the beta tag falls off. For some reason, I just feel like trying to explaining why...

    My two cents:
    As the game "releases" all characters a reset. This is so that everyone starts out equal in PvE and PvP. I don't know how the matchmaking system for PvP is, but imagine you were level 1 and immediately wanted to play PvP. You queue up, get into a game, and then have to battle some guys somewhere around level 30.

    Exaggeration eases understanding, but the main point is that everyone then starts as equals.
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    Also further reinforces the notion that Beta is a privilege, not an advantage =)
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    Couldn't agree more with Keenblade. We're allowed to advance in-game so that all aspects of the game can be tested.

    On the other hand, wasn't there something a while ago about the game being 'released in steps'? It's quite possible I've missed some big news event on this.
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    The wipe will happen, I'm almost positive. As many beta's as there's been, and as many as I've had the privilege of playing, I've never seen one where there isn't wipe before a game launches. Just doesn't make sense.

    The beta isn't a demo, it's all about testing and making the ACTUAL product solid.
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