You're Trolling Me...

Discussion in 'PvE Discussion' started by Retrograde, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Hit a gold mine and it's covered with no hole for my thumper to penetrate... OTL

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    thats because your standing under the big ass coral
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  3. Tomonor Beta Vanguard

    Actually, that's not gold but biopolymer, anabolics and some nitrite.
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  4. Silenciaco Apex Predator

    You trolled yourself good sir.
  5. HellRik Field Marshal

    Ask OilSpill to drop your thumper sideways...that might work...or endup in my list of mission in a few minutes. Who knows!
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  6. cutt1nedge Arc Runner

    Penetrate from another position....

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  7. HellRik Field Marshal

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    Why plentiful resources in an unthumpable location x_x
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    I'll raise you a better one (no pics unfortunatly). Node spike of blue copper probably at over 80% quantity just 20 or 30 meters into the melding. Master trolling!